WWE News: Former Diva Maryse Opens Up About WWE Exit, Miz, Playboy, Stalker Woes

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WWE News: Former Diva Maryse Opens Up About WWE Exit, Miz, Playboy, Stalker Woes

Former WWE Diva Maryse Ouelett has opened up to women's wrestling website Diva-Dirt about a wide variety of subjects, including her WWE release, her future in non-wrestling projects, her relationship with current WWE superstar The Miz and her thoughts on the direction of WWE's divas division.

Speaking with Diva-Dirt's editor Melanie Rob, Maryse, who parted ways with WWE in late October, confirmed the reports that her WWE release was mutual, noting:"I had other projects I wanted to work on and it just wasn’t possible to work on those projects while I was with WWE."

She also discussed her upcoming fashion and accessory line "House of Maryse", set to debut in the summer of 2012, as well as her wishes to make the transition from wrestling star to Hollywood actress. Maryse mentioned that she had an acting background prior to entering the 2006 Diva Search and had regularly attended improv classes (a glance at her IMDB profile reveals she's had some bit parts in a couple of low-profile TV/Films in Canada). 

Maryse is certainly not the first ex-diva to attempt an acting career. Chyna, Stacy Keibler, Katie Lea and Maria Kanellis all tried to break into Hollywood after leaving WWE, with  middling results. Hopefully, the photogenic French-Canadian can have more success as a thespian than her peers have.   

Interestingly, she disputed the recent reports that she left the now company partly because she wanted to pose for men's magazine Playboy (a publication she previously worked with in 2005), something the current PG direction would not have allowed: "Every interview I ever had at WWE was the Playboy question. Right now I'm really not thinking about it. I don’t know. Maybe. But it’s not a project I’m working on right now."

While Maryse was insisted that she has no interest in wrestling in the future, she mentioned that she could still be seen at various major WWE events, notably next year's Wrestlemania in Miami: "My boyfriend, The Miz, we’ve been dating for about three years now, so for sure I will be there to support him."

Maryse, who was in attendance at last month's Survivor Series, went on to speak glowingly about the former WWE champion: 

I'm extremely proud of The Miz. At Survivor Series the staredown that he had with The Rock was amazing...He’s up for big things. He started from being a character that was nothing to being this huge character. He works so hard. He’s exceptional. He keeps impressing me. I’m very proud of him.

She also spoke about a frightening incident earlier this year when she was forced to get a restraining order against a deranged 61-year-old fan named Lee Sibler after he bombarded her with numerous letters and phone messages

That was really scary. After  I got the restraining order, I never heard back from him. He sent me all about 35 letters that were absolutely, completely crazy…that man is absolutely nuts. This stuff you need to take seriously, because you never know when someone could show up at your door. I had to change the locks and up the security at my house.

Interestingly, Maryse also echoed the complaints of Gail Kim and Maria Kanellis that the women in WWE were not used to their full potential and neglected by WWE's creative team. "I feel like right now, all the girls they have in the Divas division are really talented and have so much potential," Maryse said. "They can do so much. I just wish the WWE would give them more."

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