WWE: The Top 5 Best and Worst Current Finishing Moves

Wrestling NerdsContributor IIIDecember 1, 2011

Numbers and lists are a reader's best friend. What could possibly be better? A numbered list! Hereafter I will compile what I consider to be the top five best and worst current finishing moves in WWE. I will provide my reasoning for the placement of each move, although, let's be honest, The Berzerker's count-out finish is the grandest of them all!


Top 5 Worst WWE Finishers

5. Trouble in Paradise

Kofi Kingston makes use of this move, which is simply a spinning, jumping kick. It is similar to Alberto Del Rio's enzugiri and Cody Rhodes' spring board roundhouse, however the Trouble in Paradise is not as impressive as either one, and unlike those two, it is used as a finisher.


4. Knock Out Punch

The Big Show employs the KO punch as his main finisher. The reason this move is one of the worst is due to the fact that the Big Show uses right-handed punches frequently, none of which knock his opponent out.

If he has the ability to knock out a wrestler with one punch, why aren't ALL of his punches thrown with KO capability? It just seems too easy.


3. Rough Ryder

A running leg drop. Picture that. I would presume that the vast majority of people imagining it would not envision it as a finishing move, yet that is exactly how Zach Ryder uses it.

If John Cena hits flying leg drops off the top turnbuckle without getting the pin, I don't see how Ryder can do the same with a lesser move.


2. Killswitch

Christian uses this turning, inverted facebuster as his main finisher. His method leaves a lot to be desired as it requires him to turn his opponent 180 degrees using what looks to be weak underhooks.

When executing this move on large or wily opponents, it doesn't look in any way fathomable as they can easily break the initial grip, especially when you consider Christian is not an imposing physical force.


1. Wasteland

This move is, without any other elaboration needed, a fireman's carry. That's it. I can personally perform this move on the vast majority of the population, fatties excluded.

This wouldn't normally be cause for concern, except for the fact that the Wasteland is considered a power move. It is not a finesse move or a technical move. A non-flashy power move that an average sized non-wrestler can pull off should never be a finishing move.


Top 5 Best WWE Finishers

5. Cross Arm Breaker

I put Alberto Del Rio's submission, otherwise known as an armbar, in the top five best moves as it is a legitimate, injury inducing, snapper of limbs. Likewise, it can be performed from a variety of angles, and the way in which Del Rio implements the move is flashy and takes genuine skill.


4. RKO

Randy Orton's staple finisher is not the most original, but it is effective and memorable. The RKO is a basic cutter that is convincing as it attacks the head and neck, and more importantly is probably the most versatile finisher in the business.

It can be accomplished in the ring, off the turnbuckle, onto a chair, into a table. The RKO can come out of nowhere, and this unpredictability makes it a top move.


3. The Cobra

Including Santino's Cobra in the five best may draw the ire of the Internet Wrestling Community, however the maneuver is a refreshing break from the mundane. Santino's strike is not a debilitating move; rather it is a quick jab that is designed to stun the opponent just long enough for a three-count.

I miss the many quick pins that were commonplace during Golden Era WWF. It is not necessary to incapacitate the opponent to get a pin. An abrupt, dazing move can serve the purpose just as well.


2. Go To Sleep

CM Punk has put many wrestlers to bed with his culminating fireman's carry-into-knee strike. The GTS, Wasteland, and Attitude Adjustment all have the same general setup, however the GTS sets itself apart by concluding with a devastating knee strike to the face.

What makes the move even more notable is that it is performed by non-roid-monster wrestler, which is impressive as it requires vast amounts of strength and control.


1. Tombstone Piledriver. It may be unfair for me to include the finishing move of a wrestler who rarely steps foot in the ring, however the Undertaker is still a barely active performer, and as such I can include the best current match-ending method.

The name, the fact that it is a now outlawed piledriver, the physical impact of the move, and the aura behind it, all give credence to the viewpoint that the Tombstone is tops for terminating wrestling matches.

Although the Repo Man may argue that his Crowbar Boston Crab tops them all!


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