In Other News...Thanks, Brian Cashman

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 23, 2008

Dear Brian Cashman;


Thank you for signing Mark Teixeira.  It was the right thing to do.  You now have added a valuable righty bat into the lineup, solidified the hole at first, and got a guy who can play defense.


Mr. Cashman, this signing makes sense for many reasons.  First, let’s look at the most important:


It filled the void left at first base by the Giambino.  The hole there was huge and gaping, but you found a piece almost too big for that hole.


Mr. Cashman, signing a guy who can play defense may help solidify a defense that up the middle is bad.  Cano and Jeter will see a significant drop in throwing errors now that Giambi is not there.  A-rod might see improvement, too.


Mr. Cashman, Teixeira may be the best first baseman in the league.  He has competition in Carlos Pena, Justin Morneau, and Youk.  He may even win MVP!


Mr. Cashman, although this signing took a lot of cash, it made sense.


Do not go ruining it now by signing Manny.


Yours truly,

            Shanan H.