Mark Teixeira Signing Screws Milwaukee Brewers

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IDecember 23, 2008

If Doug Melvin wasn't pissed at the Yankees before, he most certainly is now. First, New York outbids for CC Sabathia, although that was a surprise to nobody. Second, the Yankees string Melvin along with a possible Cameron for Cabrera swap, in which they asked the Brewers to take on money. And now, they have signed first basemen Mark Teixeira.

On the surface, that's not really that big of a deal, as they are in different leagues anyway. But when you look closer, you'll find out that the first round pick the Crew was supposed to get for CC Sabathia now turns into a second rounder. The Angels will now get the Yankees' first round selection.

How can this be? Well, Sabathia was the number one rated Type A Free Agent pitcher. However, Teixeira was not only the number one Type A Free agent position player, but overall player as well. That means the Angels get the higher pick, the Brewers get the second rounder, and the Blue Jays get screwed just as hard, as they now get a third rounder from AJ Burnett.

We've known for years that the Yankees have a competitive edge over the rest of the league, but I have never seen it this obvious. Even a team like the Red Sox don't seem to have a chance in that division anymore. Barring injuries, the Yankees may have already won the World Series.