Breaking News: Yankees Sign Mark Teixeira

Tommy MarcusCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2008

The New York Yankees have struck again.

Mark Teixeira has agreed to an 8 year, $180 Million deal with the New York Yankees. Just this morning, it seemed to be a two-team race between the Red Sox and the Nationals. However, the Yankees pulled out of this battle among two other teams and made their team even more powerful.

The Teixeira signing marks now arguably the greatest offseason by any Major League Baseball team ever. After they signed two top pitchers, AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia, the Yankees have now signed the number one hitter on the free agent market.

This deal makes the Yankees a strong, competetive team. Now with Teixeira, they are going to be a powerful offensive force.

Now, if the Manny Ramirez signing rumor is true, the Yankees will be one of the greatest offensive teams of all time. Now, I still don't see that happening, just with the history with Manny and the Yankees, but, anything is a possibility.

This was an incredibly pulled off victory by the Yankees in one of the biggest free agent battles in the last 5 years. Brian Cashman never ceases to amaze me.