Alabama Football: Unsung Offensive Coordinator Jim McElwain Is "Genius"!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 30, 2011

Don't take the sack, throw it away!
Don't take the sack, throw it away!

I use the word "genius" for Jim McElwain, but you and I know that is furthest from the marketable truth. And by marketable, you know I'm referring to the another offensive coordinator down on the Plains.

McElwain came to Alabama as a coordinator that would tow the line for the Saban system. His background in education and trade in the division of quarterback coaching was not legendary. He didn't create or coin some new-fangled offensive scheme. He didn't write books or make offensive philosophy videos.

He simple went about his craft of teaching and coaching the players.

Understanding that assistants don't talk to the press in the Saban process, McElwain has said far few words to the media. He doesn't have to, his coaching does the talking for him. If you want to know what he says, then just watch the plays he calls.

His system is not predicated on misdirection, though he is not above it, nor does it require one man to run the show. It is simply subject to methodical taking of what the defense will give you.

Nothing needs to be extravagant all the time it just needs to be at the right time. Several games reflect this point of view along with a 47-6 record as the OC at Alabama.

In McElwain's first year, his offense put up 422 points. In 2009 they reached 449 points, and in his third year they scored 464 points. Now, in his fourth year, the team to date has scored 432 points with one game left in the season.

I doubt he and this offense scores over 32 points in the next game to keep the upward trend going. I just wanted to point out that what this coach is doing is not only consistent but is working alongside the head coach's process. 

I can't say the same for his cross-state counterpart.