Oakland Raiders: Tom Cable Named Next Year's Head Coach!

Mike SommersContributor IDecember 23, 2008

The Oakland Raiders have named Tom Cable next year's head coach.

So what do you think of that idea?

Well it hasn't been announced by the Raiders, but it is a highly probable result for next year's coaching need.

I was thinking, after watching a replay of the game versus the Houston Texans, that maybe Tom Cable could very well be a good fit for the Raiders. He has a love for the Raiders that extends from his childhood. He seems to be liked by the players and the fans seem to like him. Could he be the best coach for the Raiders future?

I have previously brought up some scary scenarios about the future of our coaching staff that could possibly become a reality:

  1. Al might decide to keep Tom Cable as head coach and renew Rob Ryan's defensive coordinator contract
  2. Al might fire Tom Cable and let everyone go
  3. Al might hire Rob Ryan as the head coach and ask Tom to return to being offensive line coach (since the offensive line assistant coach was hired away by Lane Kiffin)
  4. Al might promote James Lofton from receivers coach to head coach
  5. Al could offer Greg Knapp (benched offensive coordinator) the head coach job
  6. Al could hire from the college ranks

But what do you think of this idea?

What if Al Davis keeps Tom Cable as the head coach and hires an outstanding offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator?

That could be a great plan. That would give Cable the ability to concentrate on morale, style of play, and getting the Raiders back to the Raiders style of football we grew up with.

Tom Cable has the heart, the desire, the love, and he truly cares for the Raiders. Match that to his knowledge of what the true Raiders style of football was all about and he just might be the right candidate.

A plan like that could get my vote (like that really matters).

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