Anna Benson and the 25 Craziest WAGs Ever

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIDecember 9, 2011

Anna Benson and the 25 Craziest WAGs Ever

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    Sometimes, the fame and fortune goes to people's heads. For these WAGs, they have taken their status to a whole new level. Some are part of "normal" monogamous relationships with their husbands or boyfriends.

    In other cases, abuse, freak outs, and all the like, were good enough reasons to call it quits. Here are the top 25 craziest WAGs.

    They all have their reasons, and a good story to go with it.


25. Shirley Lewis

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    Hot off the presses, Al Jefferson's girlfriend was just arrested on suspicion of domestic assault.

    Allegedly, she bit him. Well, that's a new one. We'll keep you posted. 

24. Ajok Kuag

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    Manute Bol and his wife were both arrested for a domestic dispute in which she allegedly threw a phone at him and punched him in the head.

    I am more confused as to how she got up there and punched him, but if you're angry enough, you'll find a way.

23. Tawny Kitaen

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    We are always seeing ads to not distract the driver while in the passenger seat. Kitaen, married to Chuck Finley, has never seen these commercials.

    She kicked Finley, causing brushing in his arms and legs, twisted his ear while he was driving, and was eventually taken into custody

22. Kim Mattingly

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    Yup, this is Don Mattingly's wife...

    This is probably the worst she has ever looked, but still. Mrs. Mattingly was, "arrested and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after she allegedly refused to leave her husband's property in Evansville, Ind."

    What a catch.

21. Kristin Cavallari

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    Anyone who has seen her on reality television knows that she can be conniving and manipulative. I suppose that Jay Cutler figured that out before he actually decided to marry her.

    For a guy like Cutler, who never has any expression on his face, she was probably a bit too much.

20. Evelyn Lozada

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    She was Chad Ochocinco's main squeeze before allegedly hooking up with his former teammate, TO. It is hard to keep up with who is with who, so I'll leave it like this.

    Lozada clearly cannot stay with one man, and seems to be a reality show attention-grabber. That is never a recipe for success.

19. La La Vazquez

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    The former MTV personality is also married to New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. Many believe that she is one of the biggest reasons that Carmelo pushed for a trade to New York, and after watching her get into it with a fan, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a ton of influence. 

    In that instance, she needed to be escorted out of the arena. So much for being the bigger person.

18. Zahia Dehar

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    France sucked in the 2010 World Cup for many reasons.

    The feud with their coach was well-documented, but maybe Dehar had more to do with it than we think. She was romantically linked to Frank Ribery, which is perfectly fine. Right before the World Cup, she admitted to sleeping with three other members of the team.

    That'll cause a rift. She is just a bad person.

17. Kim Kardashian

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    Let's talk about the elephant in the room. She may or may not have actually loved Kris Humphries, who she married for about 10 seconds, and her record of dating athletes is extensive.

    There must be something very wrong with this girl if she is so good looking, yet cannot stay with one man. After watching some "Keeping up with the Kardashians" I can accurately say that she is pretty crazy.

16. Tami Anderson

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    You'll get a much better image of how crazy she is by watching five minutes of the VH1 show, "Basketball Wives." Because I don't have kind of access, I'll just put it into perspective by saying that Kenny Anderson's ex-wife bought a hummer and made the vanity license plate "HISCASH."

    Enough said.

15. Tina Eaton

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    Chad Eaton was and still is a big man. Somehow, he let his little ol' wife knock him in the nose after she thought (operative word) that he was cheating.

    She was charged with assault, and I can imagine dinner got pretty awkward after that.

14. Sherrie Daly

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    There are some people out there who wouldn't blame her if she knocked her husband's head off. With that being said, according to Daly, his wife allegedly came after him with a steak knife.

    In 2006, she went to jail for a drug and money laundering scheme. The more I think about it, John might have a case.

13. Kendra Davis

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    After getting into an argument with someone in the stands, Knicks forward Antonio Davis went into the stands to protect his wife. While this was a chivalrous move, he was suspended five games for it.

    Lesson learned: no matter who you are, keep a low profile when you are playing on the road. Apparently, she got in the man's face, who was not too happy about that.  

12. Brenda Warner

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    When her husband, Kurt Warner, was benched in St. Louis, Brenda called up a sports talk radio station in order to give them a piece of her mind.

    On her mind, of course, was why her husband wasn't playing well, or at all, for that matter. 

    I suppose the sentiment is nice, but it must have been pretty embarrassing for Warner to walk through the locker room after that.

11. Vanessa Bryant

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    We'll cut her a little slack considering that her husband, Kobe Bryant, did cheat on her before. But, she has become an obsessive person who need to know where Kobe is at all times.

    She has also gotten into fights with other team wives, including Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom's wife. Apparently, they have come close to blows before, and neither of them is shy in telling the other how they feel. 

10. Daniell Harper

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    During an argument, Daniell Harper, wife of then Indianapolis Colts cornerback Nick Harper, stabbed the NFL player with a filet knife. She called it an accident, but then again, who picks up a knife during an argument?

    She was held in jail for her actions before a ruling was made. Good call.

9. Siohvaugn Wade

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    After going through a messy divorce with Heat guard Dwayne Wade, she made matters worse by suing his current girlfriend Gabrielle Union.

    Dwayne Wade was utterly embarrassed by the whole thing. Even though they have officially divorced, it wasn't before things got ugly.

8. Amalia Tabata Pereira

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    Do your research man!

    Pirates outfielder Jose Tabata married Pereira when he was 19 and she was 43, which is normal in its own right. But what he didn't know, was that she spent time in jail before.

    Once they got married, she was again arrested for allegedly trying to steal a baby.

7. Masha Lopatova

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    The wife of Andrei Kirilenko, Lopatova has offered one of the best deals in professional sports history. Instead of worrying if her husband is cheating on her, she ALLOWS him one cheat per year. 

    I don't know if the agreement goes both ways, but no matter how you look at it, she is pretty out of her mind.

6. Lisa Lopez

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    In 1994, after learning that boyfriend Andre Rison was cheating on her, Lopez decided to burn down his $1.3 million house.

    If there was ever an ultimate vengeful act, this is it. She really put her money where her mouth was.

5. Cristal Taylor

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    Dirk Nowitzki's former girlfriend was arrested on eight different warrants and sentenced to five years in jail, back in 2009.

    Most of the charges were stemming way back before she met Nowitzki, but the question remains, how did he not know? And if he knew, why was he dating her?

    He is an NBA champion now, so he gets a pass.

4. Carlita Hodges

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    She did what???!

    Carlita Hodges, ex-wife of Bulls guard Craig Hodges tried to light him on fire, after pouring gasoline on him, and then subsequently throwing matches his way.

    Luckily, he wasn't injured in the process, but what a way to get someone's attention.

3. Jackie Christie

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    If you have ever thought that your wife or girlfriend was keeping close tabs on you, think again. Jackie Christie took her clinginess to a whole new level. 

    Apparently, she would follow him throughout road trips, making sure that he wasn't doing anything he wasn't supposed to.

    In addition, he used to point to her throughout the game to acknowledge her. Imagine if your wife made you point to her every time you filled out an expense report.

2. Joumana Kidd

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    In 2007, her husband, Jason Kidd filed for divorce, citing "extreme cruelty" in addition to intense jealousy, paranoia, and the threat of "false domestic abuse claims."

    Since then, she has been linked to several other athletes. Maybe they didn't get the memo on her, or maybe they just don't care.

1. Anna Benson

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    Man, she could run her mouth. The wife of former pitcher Kris Benson once stated that if her husband ever cheated on her, she would sleep with the entire New York Mets organization. She later said she was kidding. How hilarious.

    Many believed that her big mouth got Benson kicked out of town and traded to the Orioles. The Mets general manager said it was strictly a baseball move...right.