Jon Jones and the 8 Fighters with the Most Swagger

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIDecember 1, 2011

Jon Jones and the 8 Fighters with the Most Swagger

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    Having swagger is more than just being cool or popular.

    It's all-encompassing, requiring an eye-catching sense of style, loads of confidence and a pinch of arrogance.  Okay, maybe a lot of arrogance in some cases.

    In a sport such as mixed martial arts, having an in-your-face personality is almost a must, with swagger bringing a fighter's popularity to another level—whether fans love them or hate them.

    Here are the eight fighters whose swag matches their amazing fighting abilities.

King Mo Lawal

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    Former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion King Mo Lawal takes swag to the extreme.

    It takes a lot of self-confidence to don a crown and cape during entrances into the cage, something Lawal has no problem doing.

    Calling himself a king and not afraid to to speak his mind, Lawal has that air of arrogance that is integral to swag.

Georges St. Pierre

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    A side of UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre that fans don't normally see is his party side.

    St. Pierre always appears well-dressed at press events, but he has been known to enjoy himself outside of the cage.

    It's clear that he's a ladies' man which, and coupled with his style and success in the Octagon, it gives St. Pierre a lot of swag.

Rashad Evans

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    Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans basically pioneered swag in MMA.

    Showing up to press conference in well-fitting suits and a pair of dark shades, Evans epitomizes the lifestyle of a champion fighter.

    With such a great sense of fashion and a level of self-confidence that borders on extreme arrogance, no wonder why Jon Jones swagger-jacked him.

Mayhem Miller

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    Not many people can rock a furry pimp coat, a red hair streak and a pair of MMA gloves while confronting bullies.

    Mayhem Miller, however, is one of those guys.

    Affable with a great sense of humor, Miller gets a nod for swagger that is uniquely his own.

Anderson Silva

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    Widely considered the greatest fighter of all time, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has become a huge celebrity in his native Brazil.

    Lauded for his accomplishments in the Octagon, Brazilian fans are privileged to see a less arrogant side of Silva on a consistent basis, frequently appearing in humorous commercials and talk shows where he shows off his swag.

    His great dance moves are overshadowed by his on-stage antics with Justin Bieber, but when you're the most dangerous man in the world, I guess you can pretty much do what you want.

Rampage Jackson

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    Having swag is more than just walking with a laid-back sense of entitlement.  It also encompasses the posse you roll with.

    When Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper are in your group, you can believe that your swagger will skyrocket.

    Co-starring with the previously mentioned Hollywood stars in the movie adaptation of The A-Team, Rampage Jackson can add to his fighter swag now that he is a bona fide actor.

    I pity the fool who tries to cramp Rampage's style. 

Ben Henderson

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    UFC lightweight top contender Ben Henderson did his entire UFC on FOX open workout with a toothpick in his mouth.

    Now that's swag.

Jon Jones

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    He may have stolen some fashion ideas from Rashad Evans, but UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones definitely has the charisma and swagger that might be better than Evans'.

    Subtly cocky and well aware of his amazing skill set, Jones knows how to work the media circuit and has leveraged his rise to the belt to become one of the sport's biggest stars.

    If he continues to dominate in such a brutal fashion, Jones may go down as the best fighter of all time.

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