Michigan Wolverines 2008 Seniors Could Have Been So Much More

michiganfan zachmichiganContributor IDecember 23, 2008

Lloyd Carr was way too conservative. Against Florida was the first time we were aggressive. That's how every Michigan game should have been. We had two excellent receivers who we did not use enough.

Take the Michigan State game for example: We were town by 10 with seven minutes left and we threw it every down and we were not stopped.

Mike Hart is a good running back, but the offense always ran it on first down and the opponents knew it. That's why we could not keep up with USC and other high-scoring teams. We did not score enough because we were not aggressive.

We have 40-plus players in the NFL and we only won one championship with Carr. If we played like we played against Florida, we should have at least one with Henne.

Carr was a great person but we did not use our talent enough.