Baseball Wives: Anna Benson and the WAG's of VH1's New Reality Series

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer INovember 30, 2011

Baseball Wives: Anna Benson and the WAG's of VH1's New Reality Series

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    Given the many spinoffs that sprung from Basketball Wives, you got the feeling that another major sport would get thrown into the reality TV show mix sooner or later.

    So when it was announced Baseball Wives would be premiering on Nov. 30, it wasn't a big surprise.

    VH1's latest reality TV show sports six wives/ex-wives of baseball players, including star Anna Benson, Erika Monroe Williams, Chantel Kendall, Tanya Grace, Brooke Villone and Jordana Lenz.

    Benson, you may remember, is the husband of former New York Mets pitcher Kris Benson. She's famous for telling Howard Stern that she would sleep with the entire Mets baseball team if Benson ever cheated on her.

    Do I really even need to say there's going to be a lot of drama in this show?

    Here is a breakdown of Baseball Wives' home run hitters.

Jordana Lenz

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    Meet Jordana Lenz.

    Lenz dated Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan for about a year and a half, but she claims she didn't date him for the status.

    Or, as she puts it, via VH1, "he was nobody when I met him."

    She describes herself as "strong, beautiful and hilarious." She said females would describe her as, "rude, (witchy) and conceded," adding, "and sometimes nice."

    Lenz seems like she knows about the baseball wives sorority, claiming "baseball wives treat baseball girlfriends like they don't matter."

    They're "very competitive, look what I have," said Lenz.

    Well, looks like VH1 has found the right candidate to stir up the pot!

Erika Monroe Williams

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    Erika Monroe Williams is the wife of retired All-Star Matt Williams, who San Francisco Giants fans fondly remember as "that guy who was awesome."

    Erika claims she met Matt at a benefit when her friend was getting close to Matt's agent. Erika says she talked all night with Matt.

    Matt, being the "old fashioned, intelligent, hunk" this he is, courted Erika for a while before she would agree to start dating, in part because she didn't want to date an athlete (now that's rare).

    Matt and Erika have been married for eight-and-a-half years, and they both actually kind of look alike.

Tanya Grace

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    Tanya Grace is the ex-wife of longtime first baseman Mark Grace, who made his name with the Chicago Cubs for so many years.

    Tanya is from Colorado, and she met Mark when she was a golf cart girl, which I had no idea existed until now.

    Said Tanya, via VH1, "Going from being a beverage cart girl to jumping into was awesome, I was like, 'Is this for real'?"

    Well said, Tanya, well said.

    She describes herself as a "goofball," which is probably appropriate given she was a golf cart girl at one point in her life.

    She also hates drama apparently, which I'm sure will be perfect for the explosive, backstabbing world of reality TV.

Chantel Kendall

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    Chantel Kendall is the ex-wife of catcher Jason Kendall.

    She describes herself as "unique, outspoken, independent" and "functionally dysfunctional," which, combined with her tattoos, probably makes her one of those punk rockers.

    Chantel is a confidant to many baseball wives given a series of complicated relationships in the sports world, and she's a favorite of many baseball wives.

    She's also battled back from addiction to "anything and everything" and says, "You're never going to grow unless you learn to take responsibility."

    She also describes herself as a bad girl with a mother's touch.

    Aw, cute.

Brooke Villone

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    Brooke Villone is the wife of Washington Nationals relief pitcher Ron Villone.

    And it's safe to say relief pitchers luck out on the dating scene.

    Brooke began modeling in her teens and was independent by the age of 18.

    She said she first met Ron at a bar and "she thought he was pretty hot." She described Ron as "pretty shy," but by the second time, he wasn't shy at all, coming right up to her, which I'm pretty sure most single men would do at a bar.

    Brooke doesn't seem to be high-drama, so it will be interesting how things shake out when she meets Anna Benson.

Anna Benson

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    Well, it didn't take long for Anna Benson to start causing a ruckus.

    The show hasn't even aired yet and she's been accused of, get this, swinging at Cheri Knoblauch—wife of former Yankee Chuck Knoblaugh—with a 12-inch dildo as if it were a baseball bat.

    Something tells me Baseball Wives isn't going to be a family show...

    Benson's alleged actions reportedly happened during a recent taping of the show, and reports some of the staffers are already threatening to quit because of her involvement.

    It's safe to say Benson doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks of her. The former FHM model said "no one has ever really messed with me because it's kinda said and done that you're out of your league messing with me."

    I'm pretty sure Anna Benson frightens me.

    She's also the perfect star for a reality TV show, someone that will get into it with anyone and do outrageous things in the process.