Where Is Teixeira Going?

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 23, 2008

Breaking Down Tex's Decision

Currently, the most paid-attention-to free agent, Mark Teixeira, is creating quite a story.  This article is one of the thousands of other articles predicting where Mark Teixiera will go. 

This guy is 29 years old, a great fielder at first base, has a great bat, and plenty of power.  Teixeira is quite the player.  The question is, for whom will he play?  It has been over a month since this fiasco started for Teixeira.  The original teams who were interested were the Orioles, Nationals, Angels, Red Sox, and the Yankees (they're interested in about every free agent in the market, and the people on the trading block.) 

As of today the two teams still standing strong are the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox (the Yankee$ still think they are in it too.)  Teixiera is interested in a long contract, in the neighborhood of 6-8 years.

The Nationals have reportedly offered Teixiera an eight-year deal worth $184 million.  The Red Sox also reportedly have an eight-year offer that can go up to $180 million.  Teixiera was originally drafted by the Red Sox as the ninth overall pick in 1998, but didn't sign.  I don't know if he didn't sign because of anything against the Red Sox, but that may be a big factor in this signing there as a free agent. 

The Nationals appear on the verge of becoming contenders, their 2008 start was amazing, but then everything went down hill from there.  The Nats used to have an All-Star in Alfonso Soriano, who, in his one year in Washington, set a career-high for home runs with 46, but also a three-year-low in batting average, hitting .277.

Wherever Teixeira signs he is almost guaranteed to have a pretty routinely great year both offensively and defensively.  This guy might even surprise us like Johan Santana did last year.  Who knows? 

Teixiera has a tough decision, but he has to make one (or he can retire and ride into the sunset like a real pro, the chances of that being very slim, but you have to consider everything.)  Personally, I think he is going to sign with Washington.  He will play a much bigger part for the heretofore struggling Nationals than he could on a star-laden Red Sox team.  We shall see what he thinks and we might find out as soon as Thursday.