Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week 16

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IDecember 23, 2008

Welcome friends to the 16th edition of Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers.

The competition is closer than I could have ever imagined coming into the final weeks with Brett Favre holding a slim 8-7 lead over Rodgers with two weeks remaining.

I'm bored, let's get moving.

Week 16

Brett Favre: 18-31, 187 yds, 2 INTs

New York Jets       3
Seattle Seahawks 13

The Good

Favre led a fantastic first drive that got three points. That is it. Favre did make some good throws early in the game, but had more than his fair share of bad ones.

It really is inexplicable how Favre is held to 187 yards passing against the league's worst pass defense. Favre laid an egg. One of many coming down the stretch.

Favre did hit Laveranues Coles deep on 4th-and-4 when the Jets needed a conversion, but Coles dropped it.

The Bad

Same old Brett Favre. He never learned that you cannot throw across the field into double coverage. Favre also missed his receivers with low passes many times, namely on a few key third downs late in the game.

The picks were bad. He made terrible decisions that not even the best throw could have made it through.

Aaron Rodgers: 24-39 260yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT

Green Bay Packers   17
Chicago Bears         20

The Good

Rodgers gave us much of the same this week. The difference is, he did it in -12 degree weather.

Rodgers made some key throws on third downs, particularly the touchdown pass to Greg Jennings.

The weather did not significantly affect Rodgers as he continued to play as he has all season—accurately and with poise.

The Bad

The pick wasn't Rodgers' fault. His pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage, and it was picked off by defensive end Alex Brown.

After watching the game, I was quite satisfied with Rodgers' performance and couldn't find much criticism for a well-played game.

The Pick

I didn't know my pick after Rodgers finished playing. No, I knew it the day before when Brett Favre finished another West Coast dud. Aaron Rodgers wins this comfortably with superior gameplay and far superior stats.

I cannot believe what I am saying, but the score is 8-8 with the final week of competition looming.

The winner of next week is the winner of the Master vs. Student Trophy.

Final Thoughts

I have never doubted Favre's arm—until now. His passes were underthrown, and he had plenty of time to throw them. He simply missed his receivers. Part of me wants Favre to retire now so he doesn't embarrass himself with these types of games next year.

The other part is thinking the Jets receivers simply don't look nor fight for a ball when it is in the air.

Aaron Rodgers has proved to me and everyone else that he is going to be a good quarterback for a long time.

But can we get a game-winning drive?! This time it wasn't your fault; the blame goes to Mason Crosby and the special teams unit. It feels like Rodgers will never get his game-winning drive.

When and if he does get a game-winning drive, I will have to write a celebratory article recognizing the achievement.

Brett Favre has a big mountain to climb next week as he plays for his playoff life against the ever so stout Miami Dolphins while Rodgers gets the easy Detroit Lions at home.

My guess would be that Rodgers should have this competition in the bag. But, I am not naive. Never bet against Brett Favre.