Brett Favre Confesses He Threw Sunday's Game to Honor Former Coach Mike Holmgren

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IDecember 23, 2008

This past Sunday was Mike Holmgren's last home game as coach of the Seahawks and perhaps as a head coach in the NFL.  Ironically, he was facing Brett Favre, his former quarterback from their time in Green Bay.

While the Seahawks have been out of the playoff race since, well, October, the Jets entered the game in first place with a chance to inch closer to a division title.

However, Favre remembered that he owed a debt to his former coach.  Back at the end of the 2005 season, Favre was experiencing his first losing season in his career.  The Seahawks had already clinched home field throughout the playoffs.  The two were set to meet in the last game of the season.

Before hand, there was talk that Brett Favre might be retiring following the game.  The Packers had only had three wins coming in, but Favre was able to lead his team to a 23-17 sayonara victory in which he was given a standing ovation.

Favre did not retire, well, at least not then.  He returned as a member of the Jets and, as fate would have it, the NFL scheduled the Seahawks at the end of the season.  Also, Holmgren announced that this would be his last season, making the Jets game his last home game.

Favre may be a competitor, but he is also loyal.  Facing the Giants at the end of the 2001 season, he faced Michael Strahan, who only needed one sack to set a single season record.  The game was nearing its end when Favre did a sort of swan dive into the turf, crediting Strahan with the sack, and thus the record.

Although Favre would never admit to taking a dive, the evidence was hard to dispute.

When Sunday came, he knew he had a debt to repay.  After all, Holmgren allowed Favre to win in what could have been his last game when they sucked, and now that the situations were reversed, Favre had no choice.  Sources say that Holmgren told Favre, "Hey, if you did retire, this wouldn't be an issue.  But you had other plans."

Although Favre contemplated not throwing the game, he realized that he won't have much playing time and will need the most retired people as friends as he can get.  Holmgren then upped the ante by getting Favre a deal for membership in the AARP, as well as giving Favre the remainder of his prune juice and his own prescription for Viagra.

When confronted by these allegations, Favre claimed he didn't throw the game; he's just old and senile and couldn't lead his team to victory.  Favre supported that fact of senility, calling his team the "Pets" and talking about his coach Eric Holmgren calling the plays on the "court."

So now Favre and the Jets will be struggling to get a playoff spot and Holmgren is struggling trying to figure out which retirement home he wants to join.