Nicole WilliamsContributor IDecember 23, 2008

  I just haven't been motivated to write about our beloved Wizards as of late due to their worst start in franchise history in over forty years. I couldn't bring myself to type the words, " The Wizards Lost, AGAIN."  The fact that they lose the same exact way, at the last possible minute every game doesn't make for much interesting news. However, I did find it interesting that DeShawn Stevenson finally realized that he would be more effective on the bench than in the game.  

Yesterday Deshawn humbled himself and asked Coach Eddie Tapscott if he could be a reserve. This may be the smartest move the Wizards have made this season. I can't  believe that it took DeShawn removing HIMSELF before the coach realized this. I was wondering why DS got so many minutes when he hasn't contributed anything remotely significant to this team all season.

Maybe now with one less person ruining the game the Wizards can focus on gaining some semblance of their dignity back.