Euro 2012 Finals: Each Team's Odds of Winning in Poland and Ukraine

Vijay MuraliAnalyst IDecember 1, 2011

Euro 2012 Finals: Each Team's Odds of Winning in Poland and Ukraine

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    The Euro tournament is one of the most important tournaments in the world. After an intense qualifying campaign, the 16 teams will be excited to participate in this major tournament, which is co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine.

    It is bound to be a difficult tournament to win, especially with many teams possessing some top quality players. As is the case with football in so many games, matches could be decided by moments of individual brilliance.

    There will be plenty of people looking to strike gold by betting on who could win the tournament, and the odds indicate who is favored.

    As expected, Spain are the favorites for the tournament, considering their recent successes in both the World Cup and the previous Euro tournament, and they will look to extend their good run.

    Germany and Netherlands are favored to provide Spain with stiff competition, while England, France and Italy are considered to be the outside bets to win the tournament.

    It should be an interesting tournament with plenty of quality players participating—let's see if the early odds for the winners of the tournament prove to be accurate.

    The odds provided in this article are from various betting websites (Sky Bet, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair and Unibet).


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    Greece had an outstanding Euro 2004, in which they won, cementing the squad's history in Greece football.

    However, they have failed to hit the highs after that victory and have not progressed like they would have preferred. They are amongst the teams that are least backed to win the European football championship in 2012.

    The odds from the various betting sites are listed below. 

    Sky Bet: 80/1

    William Hill: 50/1

    Ladbrokes: 33/1

    Betfair: 90.00

    Unibet: 100.00


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    Sweden have a lot of football talent but have failed to produce their best in major tournaments.

    AC Milan's Ibrahimovic is their most important player, and he needs to deliver at the tournament. He is a player who can threaten any defense in the world.

    Considering their record and performances in the last few years, Sweden are not too well backed to win the tournament.

    Sky Bet: 80/1

    William Hill: 50/1

    Ladbrokes: 50/1

    Betfair: 90.00

    Unibet: 80.00

Czech Republic

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    Czech Republic will be underdogs going into this tournament, but they do have some quality players and could surprise some major teams.

    With youngsters like Tomas Pekhart and experienced quality professionals like Tomas Rosicky, they do have the talent to make an impact in Poland and Ukraine.

    They did well to qualify for the Euro finals by beating Montenegro in the playoffs. If they play their best at the tournament, they could go deep into the tournament.

    Though, as the odds suggest, it will be difficult for them to win the championship.

    Sky Bet: 66/1

    William Hill: 66/1

    Ladbrokes: 50/1

    Betfair: 75.00

    Unibet: 70.00

Republic of Ireland

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    Republic of Ireland unfortunately did not qualify for the World Cup in South Africa due to Thierry Henry's handball, but they were extremely pleased to qualify for the Euro Finals in Poland and Ukraine.

    It was a dominant performance from the team against Estonia, and they will look to make an impact on the big stage.

    They do have some good players like Robbie Keane and Kevin Doyle, but it could be very difficult for them if they are drawn into a difficult group. 

    Sky Bet: 40/1

    William Hill: 33/1

    Ladbrokes: 50/1

    Betfair: 60.00

    Unibet: 75.00



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    Denmark are another side which is not expected to win the tournament, but they could go a long way if they are at their best.

    They have produced some great players in the past, and they have one of the world’s best young talents in Christian Eriksen.

    There are also many experienced players like Nicklas Bendtner and Daniel Agger, who need to show their quality in the Euro Championship for them to make a positive impact.

    Sky Bet: 50/1

    William Hill: 50/1

    Ladbrokes: 50/1

    Betfair: 70.00

    Unibet: 50.00


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    Ukraine has the privilege of hosting the tournament and will be placed in Pot A for the draw, an advantage that could be important to them.

    They have less of a chance of winning this tournament, but with players like Andrey Shevchenko in the side, they do have the ability to surprise some big teams. 

    Sky Bet: 40/1

    William Hill: 33/1

    Ladbrokes: 33/1

    Betfair: 48.00

    Unibet: 35.00


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    Poland are hosting the tournament along with Ukraine, and though they are not the favorites to win the tournament, home advantage could play its part in inspiring them to play better.

    They have some exciting talents like Wojciech Szczesny and Robert Lewandowski, but they will have to play really well if they are to stand a chance of going a long way in the tournament.

    Sky Bet: 66/1

    William Hill: 50/1

    Ladbrokes: 50/1

    Betfair: 75.00

    Unibet: 75.00


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    Croatia are a side with plenty of talent, but they have not performed at their best in the recent major tournaments.

    However, they do have some quality players like Luka Modric, Niko Kranjcar and Eduardo, who can help the team beat some of the other major teams in the tournament.

    The odds are against them, but they could probably go a long way in the tournament if they play to the best of their abilities.

    Sky Bet: 40/1

    William Hill: 40/1

    Ladbrokes: 33/1

    Betfair: 40.00

    Unibet: 30.00


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    It was a huge disappointment when Russia did not manage to qualify for the World Cup, but they ensured that it was not to happen at the Euros by having a good qualifying campaign.

    Russia were excellent in the last Euro tournament, where Arsenal midfielder Andrei Arshavin made a superb impact.

    It will be tough for the nation to win the tournament, but they could be an outside bet to win the trophy.

    Sky Bet: 28/1

    William Hill: 20/1

    Ladbrokes: 16/1

    Betfair: 29.00

    Unibet: 30.00


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    Portugal are a side which has a lot of quality but have not been consistent enough in the recent past.

    They have some quality players like Raul Meireles, Luis Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the most talented player in the tournament. 

    It is clear that they have excellent players who can make the difference, but they need to be at their best, like in the second leg against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Though they will not be the favorites for this tournament, the major teams will underestimate them at their own peril.

    Sky Bet: 16/1

    William Hill: 16/1

    Ladbrokes: 16/1

    Betfair: 17.5

    Unibet: 15.00


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    France had arguably the worst World Cup campaign, as they struggled to find unity in the camp. The result on the pitch was unacceptable for a nation boasting some of the best talents in the world.

    However, with the appointment of Laurent Blanc as manager of the side, they have made steady progress.

    This will be a test of how far they have come.

    They have some fantastic players like Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema, and they will hope that they can win this Euro title.

    Sky Bet: 11/1

    William Hill: 11/1

    Ladbrokes: 12/1

    Betfair: 16.5

    Unibet: 15.00


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    Italy and France were major disappointments at the World Cup, but they have made some significant progress since the appointment of Cesare Prandelli as the manager of the team.

    They have some excellent talent in their side, but the injury to Giuseppe Rossi and illness to Antonio Cassano means that Prandelli will not be certain of which strikers to select for the tournament.

    Sky Bet: 11/1

    William Hill: 10/1

    Ladbrokes: 10/1

    Betfair: 16.00

    Unibet: 12.5


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    England have not done well in many major tournaments in the past, and with their dismal performance in South Africa, it will be good if they are not overly burdened by the expectations of the nation.

    They do have some high-quality players, but Wayne Rooney’s suspension will be a worry, as they will have to qualify for the knockout stages without the dynamic striker.

    Though there will always be critics of Fabio Capello, he is a manager with proven ability, and England will hope that he can guide them to win a major tournament.

    Sky Bet: 10/1

    William Hill: 11/1

    Ladbrokes: 12/1

    Betfair: 11.5

    Unibet: 10.00


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    Netherlands were finalists in the World Cup, and though they were not the team with the most flair, it is clear that they are a side that knows how to win tough games.  

    Bert Van Marwijk is one of the best managers in the game and has helped build a strong foundation for the team.

    They have some of the world’s best players in Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie and will hope to win the Euro 2012 Championship.

    Sky Bet: 6/1

    William Hill: 6/1

    Ladbrokes: 6/1

    Betfair: 8.00

    Unibet: 8.50


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    Germany are one of the favorites for the tournament, and under manager Joachim Loew, they have made significant progress.

    They have an array of exciting young talent, and they employ an attractive style of play as well.

    Germany certainly have the quality to beat the best teams in the world, but they will need to be disciplined and committed.

    They have one of the best squads, and Loew will look to guide them to a trophy in Poland and Ukraine.

    Sky Bet: 3/1

    William Hill: 10/3

    Ladbrokes: 7/2

    Betfair: 4.1

    Unibet: 4.00


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    After their impressive performances in the last two major tournaments, the current holders of the Euro Championship—and also the world champions—are the favorites for the tournament.

    They have plenty of world-class players in their side, and though it will be a difficult tournament, they believe that they have the quality to retain the title.

    Vicente Del Bosque has done well as the manager of Spain, and his only worry may be that they have had poor performances in some of the friendlies after the World Cup.

    However, the Spain team will be fully focused on winning the tournament and will produce their best efforts in Poland and Ukraine.

    Sky Bet: 5/2

    William Hill: 5/2

    Ladbrokes: 5/2

    Betfair: 3.65

    Unibet: 3.50