Plaxico Burress' Legal Troubles Brings Other Crimes to Surface

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IDecember 23, 2008

Yesterday, a Florida woman filed a lawsuit against troubled wide receiver Plaxico Burress for rear ending her (with his car that is). His insurance card had flopped a few days before, which only adds to the list of criminal offenses of him. Let us recap the other brushes with the law...

1. Over the summer, Plaxico was given a citation for jaywalking in New York City. He claimed he had just seen the film Dodgeball and was inspired to apply some of its teachings to getting ready for the season. "If you can dodge a Ford, you can dodge a defensive back."

2. He was caught shoplifting a bag of caps from a toy store which he needed for his toy gun. To set an example, the manager confiscated the toy gun as well, leaving Burress wondering "How else can I protect myself?"

3. Following his conviction for kidnapping, O.J. Simpson claimed that it was all Plaxico's idea and plan.

4. He was given a citation for playing loud music in the early hours of a Sunday morning. His defense was he was suspended for that day's game, and what else is he supposed to do?

5. Burress was caught re-broadcasting games without the permission of the National Football League.

6. Police entered his home and found a pirated cable line. Burress said it was the only way he could get the NFL Network.

7. Burress' neighbor claimed that Plaxico borrowed a jar of ketchup from him and never gave it back.

8. Plaxico took his dog for a walk around the neighborhood and refused to pick up the waste. When confronted he said, "So shoot me..."

9. He admitted that he had bet on NFL games. This confession came on the frustration of "not knowing games could end in a tie."

10. After he shot himself at the nightclub, he FORGOT TO PAY HIS TAB!