Kansas City Chiefs: Why Picking Up Kyle Orton Was a Good Move

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIINovember 30, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs: Why Picking Up Kyle Orton Was a Good Move

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    Seven days ago, the Chiefs picked up former Broncos quarterback, Kyle Orton, off waivers.

    To some, this was a surprise, as it was thought that Todd Haley had all the confidence in the world in his current quarterback. But Haley himself knew the Chiefs needed to make this move.

    Orton can be beneficial in a few ways for the Chiefs. What makes this pickup a good move for the Chiefs?

Todd Haley Is on the Hot Seat

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    Fans may not find this as important. However, Haley knows that he is on the hot seat and he could be out of a job if things continue to get worse for his team.

    The sooner Orton plays and starts, the more likely it is that Haley will find his way out of the hot seat and enter the final year of his contract in 2012.

The Chiefs Have an Option for the Future

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    Matt Cassel is not going to win a popularity contest among the fans. It was been debated by many spectators that the Chiefs need to draft a quarterback in next year's draft.

    What if Orton plays well to finish off the season? Chiefs fans will want the front office to save their draft pick and spend their resources on another position.

The Chiefs Are (Barely) in the AFC West Race

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    Every football fan wishes their team was in the AFC West.

    Despite being 4-7, the Chiefs are still in the running to win the AFC West. However, it would be considered a miracle if they pull it off. It would require the Chiefs to come very close to winning out and the Raiders and Broncos to come close to losing out.

    In a situation like this, the Chiefs seeked a quarterback who could help them try and finish the season on a high note and stay in this race.

Orton Came from an AFC West Team

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    It is always interesting to see how players do when they join a team in the same division as their previous team.

    Will Tim Tebow be able to lead his team to victories in the fashion he currently does it in? It is hard to believe that the Broncos could continue to win with their current offensive system.

    If defensive coordinators find an answer for Tebow and if Orton helps the Chiefs, this move could very well come back and haunt the Broncos.