WWE: 10 Places Where WrestleMania Should Be Held Sooner or Later

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IDecember 1, 2011

WWE: 10 Places Where WrestleMania Should Be Held Sooner or Later

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    Today marks exactly four months until the next WrestleMania, WrestleMania XXVIII from Miami, Florida. It will be the first time that Miami hosts the huge event, which has turned into a great place for revenue to come from. Businesses in the area benefit from simply holding the event, as well as a city being recognized as a great place for a WWE event. Needless to say, cities are lining up annually to be chosen for a future WrestleMania.

    Sun Life Stadium becomes just the 22nd different venue to host WrestleMania, meaning that there hasn't been much sharing of the wealth, both figuratively and literally. That seems to be changing as a new venue has been welcomed into the club in each of the last six years. All but one of those years has also featured a brand new city as well. Another thing to keep in mind is WWE's new fascination with gigantic stadiums. Since WrestleMania 23's site of Detroit's Ford Field, every year's event has taken place in a traditional football stadium. Whether it was domed or in a place with nice weather for a night in March or April, arenas have been taking a backseat to the large stadiums with possibilities of setting attendance records.

    So where does WrestleMania go next? There are tons of suggestions, but here are 10 good and interesting places to see it go in the coming years.

New York

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    I'll just start off the list with my only contradiction. I don't care who is offering what amount of money to WWE to go to any city that they desire. WrestleMania 30 absolutely needs to be in New York City's Madison Square Garden. I know it is significantly smaller than other venues, but tradition is tradition. MSG was the site of the very first WrestleMania. Also being the site of WrestleMania X and XX, it is the only venue to host three WrestleManias.

    The big stadium streak began shortly after the last WrestleMania in New York, but why bother breaking the streak of an MSG Mania every 10 years? It would be a major stab in the heart to the strong relationship between Madison Square Garden and the WWE. Besides, the crowd at Survivor Series a few weeks ago proved that electricity in that place can be better than any energy put off by twice as many people in most other venues.

Dallas/Fort Worth

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    When Cowboys Stadium opened a few years ago, this place almost seemed built for a WrestleMania. The house that Jerry Jones built is designed to have standing guests. Including standing room at Cowboys games, the stadium can hold up to 110,000 people. This doesn't include the amount of people who would be on the field and sitting at ringside for this extravagant event. This building, with its gigantic TV screen, would love nothing more than to break even more world records. WrestleMania can get that to happen.

    This connection could be announced as early as in a few months, prior to the next WrestleMania. I have a good feeling that this stadium could be hosting WrestleMania XXIX in 2013.


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    The country of Canada certainly loves their wrestling. Unless you have been to one of the two WrestleManias in Toronto's SkyDome, you have missed out. Expansion to Montreal can be beneficial to WWE. Rumors have circled that additional cities in Canada, such as Vancouver, have also expressed interest. Few can bring in a venue like Montreal's Olympic Stadium. The Big O, as it is often called, has the capabilities of hosting nearly 70,000 fans at a Canadian football game. That's Canadian football, where the field is bigger than the American football we are used to.

    The record for attendance in the place is 78,322, which came at a Pink Floyd concert in 1977. WWE could easily shatter that. The revenue can also make it up to taxpayers, who spent a lot of money to help build and maintain the stadium, prompting the nickname of "The Big Owe" for the venue. Also, doesn't WWE still kind of owe the city for that "screwjob" more than a decade ago?

New Orleans

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    It's hard to believe that for an event like WrestleMania, an event that shatters attendance records in big venues, the Superdome in New Orleans is still unclaimed property by WWE. The place has hosted Super Bowls and Final Fours but has never been a place to see The Grandaddy of Them All. There are strong wrestling roots in the south, so this is almost a no-brainer.


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    There isn't much to cheer about on the home front in Indianapolis, but Lucas Oil Stadium hosts the Super Bowl in February. This venue has also been among rumors of being a WrestleMania candidate for the near future. The stadium is nice and would work well, especially with so many young stars being from the Midwest. The lack of Indianapolis being a big-time city may not sound appealing, but the stadium is gaining a lot of positive reviews. Don't sleep on Indy.

Las Vegas

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    The feeling of a Las Vegas WrestleMania may not sound too PG-like. However, RAW goes to Sin City almost annually and always brings out RAW Roulette for that night. They are often the most entertaining shows consistently from one year to the next. I have no doubt that a WrestleMania in Vegas would have the big fight feel that boxing matches used to have. WrestleMania has a history of being in Atlatic City at Trump Plaza and still has a relationship with Trump.

    The pictured stadiums are proposed Vegas stadiums that have been in talks for many years now. If they actually come to fruition, they could be a nice place to have the event. If Vince McMahon can put a football team in Las Vegas, he can put a WrestleMania there, too.

    For those who want to reference WrestleMania IX already being in Vegas, I have officially blocked that event out of my mind. From awful togas to even worse matches, it is forgettable to say the least.


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    The best that Europe has ever gotten with WWE pay-per-views is a SummerSlam back in the day and a series of UK-specific events. A WrestleMania is way overdue in London's Wembley Stadium. The main problem may be that there is a five-hour time zone difference from the East Coast of the United States. That may be true, but it gives WWE a chance to do something unique. With a WrestleMania starting at 7 or 8 pm London time, it could air live at 2 or 3 pm on the East Coast. This would be a strain, especially for those on the West Coast. However, regular PPVs are often a problem for the rest of the world, but convenient for North America.

    London made it work for NFL games and even NBA games. People can get used to the time difference with the upcoming London Olympics next summer, but it can be done and would be truly interesting if done.

Mexico City

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    RAW has finally traveled to Mexico, so the next step is to put a pay-per-view in the country. Why not make it WrestleMania and kick off that relationship in a big way? Pictured is an arena called Estadio Azteca. It would work well for WrestleMania. There would be no issues with time zones, so the issues felt in other countries, like England, would not have to apply.


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    If putting it in Gillette Stadium will make it happen, WrestleMania returning to Boston would be a good idea. Boston hosted WrestleMania XIV, which is often remembered for the main event with Shawn Michaels, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Mike Tyson. Those three are tied together forever as unofficially beginning the Attitude Era. To show him gratitude, Tyson could be inducted into the Hall of Fame that night. It would also play into being John Cena's hometown WrestleMania, much like The Rock is getting in a few months.


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    The City of Brotherly Love hardly shows much love to anybody. That is just like WWE superstars and their attitude towards one another. Philadelphia also has hosted a WrestleMania before. It was WrestleMania XV, which I still believe was one of the worst WrestleManias in history. There were too many matches and, outside of Austin and The Rock at the end, nothing else was truly memorable. There were so many matches that there was even one just to decide who would be the referee of the main event.

    Philadelphia deserves better than that. It will also be a big middle finger to TNA as they could barely fill a small arena, while WWE attempts to pack Lincoln Financial Field.