Brian Urlacher's Baby Momma and Her Goldigging Drama

Jersey ChaserContributor IIDecember 23, 2008

Urlacher’s baby momma was arrested this morning, so he had to go pickup his son before the big game versus the Packers because she was in jail. Arrested at her home for not paying down her $11 million debt she owes Riverdance star Michael Flatley for making a false rape claim.

She was trying to sue him for $100 million, but instead got sued herself for $11 mil for trying to extort money from him. And now they had to drag her to court because she was not paying. Talk about karma.

A legend in her own right, she has “dated” Andrew Golata, Michael Flatley, a cabinetmaker, physical therapist, and several pro ballers, including Urlacher. Yeah, she got around.

The ex-stripper claims to have turned down a six-figure offer to have an abortion when she was two months pregnant with Urlacher's kid, opting for the more lucrative monthly child support payments. Smart girl. It's nice to see a golddigger finally getting dug.