Indianapolis Colts: Does Firing of Larry Coyer Mean More Moves to Come?

Eric SmithCorrespondent IIINovember 29, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS - 2009:  Larry Coyer of the Indianapolis Colts poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
NFL Photos/Getty Images

With the announcement of firing defensive coordinator Larry Coyer today, we have to wonder if there’s soon to be more to come.

There’s no other way to put it other than this Colts team has severely underperformed this season. You can cast blame at the top in owner Jim Irsay backing VP Bill Polian, then go to Polian backing the coaching staff and Jim Caldwell, to the coaching staff not adjusting to the underperforming players.

There’s absolutely no reason for the Colts to be 0-11 with losing just one main guy. Yes, Peyton Manning is the greatest to ever play this game and is a once in a generation player, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

I think the firing of Coyer means there’s a lot more Colts personnel that will be gone. You have to blow this thing up and start over if Manning is done.

Next is probably offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen. Christensen had the easiest job in all of sports with Peyton Manning behind center, but with the absence of Manning, he has shown he doesn’t really do anything. Week after week, we watch horrible play calling and a lack of adjustments.

The Denver Broncos could be the very reason why Christensen loses his job. They were a two-win football team before Tim Tebow, but since Tebow has come along, the coaching staff has adjusted to Tebow’s style and has gone 5-1. Why can’t the Colts make adjustments to favor their new quarterbacks?

The next person gone is surely Jim Caldwell. He’s the head of this circus act, and he lacks knowledge of the game. Every week, he stands with no expression watching this team.  Since the Super Bowl in Caldwell’s first season, the Colts have gone 10-18, including the first round home playoff loss to the New York Jets last season. That’s inexcusable with so much talent around.

The next group that will probably go is, sadly, a ton of players.

Lets all be honest with ourselves, if Peyton Manning clearly isn’t healthy, it’s time to suck it up (no pun intended) and move on. We’re in this situation due to Polian making this team so top heavy in salary that we can’t afford other weapons. If Manning doesn’t come back, then it’s time to flip this situation and help this franchise out for the future.

We all see he made guys better than what we thought they were.

If we were to do that, these are the players you start with.

As stated above, we may have seen the last of the days of No. 18 behind center. First, he’s due over 25 million dollars next season. Why pay him that is he truly can’t play? Plus, who said he would even want to come back to this team? He doesn’t owe us or the team anything.

Put yourself in his shoes. If you grew up in a totally different city and got drafted by say, the Seattle Seahawks, and had Manning’s career, then this. What would make you want to come back? You weren’t a lifelong fan of Seattle. You just did your job there. This is a business just like any other job. If you saw that team 0-11 without you, would you really want to come back if you were looking for one more Super Bowl run?

If you cut ties with Manning, the domino effect will fall.

Reggie Wayne is a free agent, but he’s getting to his mid 30’s and will want a ton of money before he retires. Why keep yourself in the same situation with an aging player that has only two touchdowns this entire year without Manning? You can cut ties or even trade him for some draft picks and get some younger and cheaper help.

If those two are gone, then I suspect center Jeff Saturday retires. He’s been here since 1997 and has been through it all. This is truly speculation, but if Manning and Wayne go, then I bet Saturday does too.

Next on the chopping block is surely former first round picks Anthony Gonzalez, Donald Brown and Jerry Hughes. All three have been a huge disappointment, and there’s no reason to keep around any longer.

After you get rid of them, it’s time to cut ties with tight end Dallas Clark and Gary Brackett. It will be sad to do, but lets face it, both are up there in age as well and have been injury prone the last few seasons. Cutting them saves money in the cap room department, and we can sign or draft other players to help.

The other two I would take a long hard look at is receiver Austin Collie and Melvin Bullitt. Both were rising stars, but with injuries to both last year and losing Bullitt for the season again, both will probably never be the same. Collie obviously isn’t and will never be what he was before those two scary concussions he suffered last season. You can cut them as well and once again flip our salary.

If you trade or release all these guys, this team can finally start building for the future and have tons of money in the cap room department to flip this around so we’re not so top heavy. The only penalty would be is this team may be worse next year than this due to the youth and lack of experience and once talent of these guys, but let's be realistic it’s time.