WWE: 5 Reasons Why Christian Will Be Great for Sheamus' Career

George SeligaCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2011

WWE: 5 Reasons Why Christian Will Be Great for Sheamus' Career

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    Christian has been a great wrestler for over a decade. He has won many titles and is a very charismatic person. He provides excitement in the ring and has been a part of many exciting and dangerous matches.

    Christian is a great wrestler that can help another wrestler become great. Here are five reasons why Christian will be great for Sheamus' career.


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    Christian is an experienced wrestler that knows how to put on a good match. He has great showmanship and can make any match fun to watch. Sheamus is a superstar on the rise and can really benefit from having matches against Christian.

A Good Rival

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    All of the great superstars had a few rivals throughout their careers. This could be one of those rivals for Sheamus. Christian is very charismatic wrestler and can be pretty sneaky. He has been around for a while and has held many titles. A good feud with Sheamus could bolster Sheamus' career. 

Tag Team???

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    A lot of rivals end up turning into great tag teams. The team of Sheamus and Christian would be great to see. The Christian is smaller, quicker and agile while Sheamus gives you power and strength. They have all of the attributes that make a great tag team.

Good Technical Wrestler

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    Christian is a great technical wrestler. He always performs at the highest level and can execute his moves without messing up. Sheamus can benefit from Christian's great wrestling because it will make him a better wrestler overall.

Exciting Matches

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    Christian has been apart of some crazy and dangerous matches. From TLC matches to ladder matches, he can entertain. If Sheamus and Christian ever get into no disqualification type match, look for Christian to pull out some crazy moves and make these matches really exciting to watch.