Please Take Time To Meet Ernie Brown Jr.

Danny CarberryContributor IDecember 22, 2008

Kentucky's Famous Turtle Catcher - Watch more Free Videos

Ernie Brown Jr. is by far, Kentucky's most famous turtle catcher. The No. 2 turtle catcher, Tye Bumley, isn't even close to Ernie. Check out his skills in the video and how he is able to talk to the camera and spot those "Turts" out of the corner of his eye. Brilliant.

During his off days Ernie enjoys drinking moonshine and watching Dirt Track racing down at Old Ned's track behind the Dixie Land Motor Inn. He sometimes is able to fish over at his cousin Bobby's when his wife isn't there to make him skin those coons that she eventually turns into doormats.

Well, Ernie is one gentlemen that I wouldn't want to cross while I am trolling around in shallow water down in Kentucky.