Gator Bowl Preview: Clemson Q&A with Block-C

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IDecember 22, 2008

A friendly neighborhood Clemson blog has been kind enough to answer some of our questions about the Tigers. Please feel free to check out our Husker response over at Block-C. Let's hope for a great game to start the new year off right.


1. Will the loss of Vic Koenning to Kansas State affect the players or cause any problems in the bowl?

At first it seemed as if the wheels were falling off for us when he quit right after Dabo was named the head coach. Thankfully, we are blessed with assistant coaches that are capable of stepping up big time, as Ron West and David Blackwell have both assumed roles as interim Co-Defensive coordinators. The latest reports are saying the Blackwell will be calling defensive plays against the Huskers.

The local media has covered our bowl practice pretty well, and it seems that there hasn't really been any significant drop-off other than the usual rust accumulated from so much time off. Our defense is still flying to the ball, still making plays, and still looking better every day.

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