Packers-Bears: Green Bay Is Cursed!

Doug DwyerContributor IDecember 22, 2008

Watching Monday Night Football, the announcers said Rodger is 0-8 on chances to come back in the fourth quarter.  Does Rodgers have trouble closing out games or is it the defense that collapses?

The Packers dominate the beginning of the game going up 14-3 at half time. Bears get a turnover on punt that bounces and hits a Packer blocker. Bears score to close to 14-10. Packers and Bears look sloppy and cold in second half. Kyle Orton throws a pick.

Packers go for it on fourth down and make a first but just add a field goal after getting to the red zone. Packers up 17-10. Orton throws another pick, but Packers do nothing with it. Bears finally pound it down the field, convert on fourth down, and barely pick up the first down inside the 10-yard line. Then they score the TD. 

The Bears tied the game with less than three minutes left in the game.  Packers get a long kick off return plus a personal foul penalty on the Bears. They are almost in Field Goal range with time ticking down. Rodgers passes for a first down! Just a 30-yard field goal to win. IT'S BLOCKED!!! Bears go into overtime and win it.

Aaron Rodgers is CURSED!

The Packers are CURSED!!!!

The curse of Brett Favre is on. The Packers' CURSE is on. No, no, NO!!!