Five Things the Green Bay Packers Can Do for a Better 2009

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Five Things the Green Bay Packers Can Do for a Better 2009

The Green Bay Packers’ season is, for all intents and purposes, over.

To say 2008 was a roller coaster would be inappropriate. You can stop a rollercoaster ride if you scream loud and long enough. This was like a cruise with a hopeful bon voyage (Brett Favre’s “retirement”), followed up by choppy waters (Ted Thompson’s offseason of free-agent inaction and an inconclusive draft), followed up by clear skies (Aaron Rodgers’ transition during mini-camp), then a hurricane (Brett Favre’s un-retirement and the subsequent soap opera), then clear skies (the opening wins against Minnesota and Detroit), then choppy waters (weeks 3 thru 7) and then an all-out pirate attack (the rest of the season).

Now, as the Packers try to be the only team to NOT lose to the Lions next week, the ship is merely trying it’s best to find the nearest dock without crashing the rudderless vessel.

The last few weeks of talk radio, blogs and other outlets of fan discontent have seen the calls to remove Ted Thompson, Mark Murphy, Mike McCarthy, Bob Sanders or the entire 53-man roster.

What isn’t being talked about, however, is what the Packers need to do next year to improve upon this year’s disappointments. Firing people might be cathartic, but slash-and-burn approaches should be left to truly dysfunctional franchises (like the Dolphins and Falcons of last year and the Lions and Chiefs of this year). The Packers were bad, but they were not and are not unfixable. Here are some suggestions from an unqualified boob on what the Packers could do to reclaim the magic of 2007…

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