Matt Hardy, ECW's Appointed Captain?

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2008

Ever since RVD was booted out of ECW, the loss of Big Daddy V, and a few others such as the extremists, ECW was a slave ship with no captain.

As a result, Matt Hardy, one of the most popular mid-carders there has ever really been, was assigned to that ship in hopes of actually getting it somewhere, the thing is...WHERE IS THAT?

Everyone can probably admit that they watch ECW a little more since Matt was sent there. Most people are his fans, but ECW seems to be spiraling out even more off course. Matt worked an under-dog feud to get the ECW belt, his program with Marky-Mark was better than whats been shown on our new ECW since the Originals vs. New Breed a few years ago.

Now, Mark is seen very little, and the writers can't come up with a person to have Matt fight. People say they think that Vladimir Koslov is gonna take it, but that doesn't even work in good interests. Koslov goes down a peg, and Matt, the would-be-savior of the show, is floating in sea, waiting for another gimmick.

At the draft, ECW only got Matt, Mark, Finlay, and Hornswoggle and gave up Punk, Kane, Kofi, and Big Daddy V being ECW's future.

What I'm saying is, if the WWE wants ECW to be half of what Smackdown used to be, they need to take ECW seriously, give it some okay feuds and better stars, guys like Ortiz and Bourne. Otherwise, the same of what happened to Punk will happen to them.