Inigo Martinez Goal Video: Watch Stunning Midfield Game-Winning Strike

Michael DixonAnalyst IIINovember 29, 2011

Impressive, is it not? Basically, what we have here is International football's answer to a Hail Mary in American football.

There are certainly better players than Real Sociedad's Inigo Martinez. He's far from the best known player in the world. That's all well and good. But for the sake of this argument, none of that matters.

From that distance, it's impossible to hit that shot any better. Obviously, any time there's a goal, it's impossible to hit the shot any better. Well, it's impossible to get a better result.

But what we have here is a shot that's absolutely flawless. Any time a player fires off a shot that the goalie can't possibly defend, then the shot is simply perfect. In this case, the shot came from halfway across the field. If you can ask for more, you have some impossibly high standards. 

Now, onto the celebration. I know that soccer is a low-scoring game. Even if you're watching a game between two high-scoring teams, one goal frequently makes all of the difference.

Still, I am normally not crazy about the outlandish celebrations. I am not crazy about them in American football either. They draw attention to the player. In a team sport, I just don't like that, especially when the player's team is down.

But in this case, ripping the shirt off was necessary. Yes, I said necessary. No player in the world could have possibly done that shot any better. In addition to that, it won the game. 

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