A Hopeful Look to the Phillies of 2008: Three Cheers for the Red and White!

Josh NiemtzowCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2008

"Now batting for the Phillies, second baseman Chase Utley.”

You hear Kashmir blaring in the background.

It’s opening day 2008 and the Phils are playing a 3:05 game v. the Nationals.

A typical day for Phillies fans, they watch as their favorite team loses the first game miserably.  But this always seems to be the case.  When have the Phillies ever started hot off the bat?

Everybody is looking for some sign of hope, some sign that this year could be the exception.

The 2-2 pitch from Sean Hill-BOOM!  That ball’s got a chance.  It’s headed deep.  Going, going, going, GONE!  Chase Utley!

The game is finally over with a score of 7-2, Phillies.  An opening day win seemed impossible, but they got the job done.

As Philadelphia prepares to dominate this season, hopefuls can remain proud to be Phillies "Phans."