Batista's Patience: WWE's Only Virtue?

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2008

While my title may not make much sense, neither do Batista's actions over the last few months.

I remember a few months ago that Batista was considering retiring. Everyone knew that this wasn't a call for retirement; it was Batista saying, " Gimme a good belt or I'll walk."

The WWE gave him the title for what? A few days? Then he lost to Jericho. If I were Batista, I'd view this as a spit in the face.

Ever since, he's been fighting with Orton over who gets the next shot. That was canned (proof being this tournament). They're (being the writing staff) basically going to turn this into a "you screwed me" feud, and it might end with a title shot for the winner.

I figure it will; it just seems that Batista is allowing himself to be low-balled by the WWE.

What do you think?