Milwaukee Brewers Fans: Think You’re Better Than Ned Yost or Dale Sveum?

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2008

So, to go along with my lineup analysis post, I’ve calculated the run value for every Brewer player with over 100 ABs for every lineup slot, as well as some platoon values for selected players. So now I can find the optimal lineup for the Brewers 2008 season.

But now I ask you: Can you?

We’re assuming that every player listed below can finish a full season (or in the case of Branyan, a full season as the lefty half of a platoon). I want to see how well you guys can make a lineup. You might be surprised at what the optimal lineup actually is.



1.  You must fill each position.
2.  You will have some platoon options.  If you use a platoon, you must post two SEPARATE lineups for vs. RHP and vs. LHP.
3. Platoons will be counted as vs. RHP two-thirds of the time, vs. LHP one-third. This is crude but it tends to work well for platoons.
4. Each lineup must include a pitcher. The pitcher’s spot is counted at 65 percent pitcher batting, 35 percent league average pinch hitter batting.



C: Kendall
1B: Fielder, Fielder/Branyan Platoon
2B: Durham, Hall, Weeks, Counsell, any platoon of those.
SS: Hardy, Counsell, Hall, any platoon.
3B: Hall, Counsell, Hall/Branyan, Hall/Counsell, Counsell/Branyan.
OF: Kapler, Hart, Cameron, Braun, any platoon.

Whoever makes the best lineup wins some pride. Sorry,  I don’t have anything to offer!