New York Giants: 5 Players That Made the Biggest Contributions in Monday's Loss

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IINovember 29, 2011

New York Giants: 5 Players That Made the Biggest Contributions in Monday's Loss

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    The New York Giants lost another must-win game against the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome.

    Five players, one way or another, contributed to that loss. 

    The Giants are now truly second place in the NFC East, and they're going to need a serious turnaround if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

    Personally, I had a hard time watching the end of the game.

    It was frustrating, and there are too many things that the G-Men are doing wrong. The O-line needs to get better, and we need to get more pressure on the quarterback.

New York Giants Defense

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    What the hell was the New York Giants defense doing out there?

    Where's the pressure on Drew Brees? Why did he have so much time tonight?

    Why didn't the Giants finish tackles? 

    Why was the secondary getting burned all night?

    A lot of questions asked. None of them answered. 

New York Giants Offensive Line

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    Let's take a look at the rushing attacks of the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints.

    The Giants rushed the ball 22 times for 73 yards, while the Saints rushed the ball 30 times for 205 yards. 

    The difference is obvious here; the Saints offensive line was flat-out better. They opened more holes for their rushing attack, which is something the G-Men haven't done on a consistent basis all season. 

    A fumble from rookie Da'Rel Scott doesn't help either. 

    Ahmad Bradshaw needs to get back in the game ASAP.

Drew Brees

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    This one was pretty obvious. Drew Brees absolutely murdered the New York Giants on Monday Night Football

    Brees went 24 of 38 for 363 yards, four touchdowns and even managed to run another one in.

    This was just another embarrassing performance by the Giants defense. 

New York Giants Wide Receivers

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    The New York Giants wide receivers amassed over 400 yards in the air, so why are they to blame for the loss you ask?

    Because they keep dropping the damn football.

    I'm sick and tired of the Giants wide receivers not holding onto the ball. 

    Dropped balls kill drives (coming up soon), which kill momentum, which will lose a team football games—exactly what we saw tonight. 

Kevin KillDrive

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    I don't care what his real name may be. Kevin "KillDrive" consistently kills the New York Giants offensive attack.

    He needs to seriously take a step back and reevaluate how he runs this offense. 

    If I were Tom Coughlin, I'd relieve him of his duties right now. 

    Any yards the Giants gained past the first half were more or less meaningless, and they were pretty out of the game by that point. 

    Eli Manning fought long and hard last night, but he needs a better offensive line and a better offensive coordinator.