WWE Raw Results 11/28/2011: The Top 6 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IINovember 29, 2011

WWE Raw Results 11/28/2011: The Top 6 Questions Going Forward

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    On the latest edition of WWE Raw, we had the honor of seeing the Icon himself!

    Tonight we witnessed a "Saint Mick" sighting, a slap-happy Roddy Piper and a CM Punk main event.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the "Top Questions Going Forward."

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have it?

Is the Miz Headed for the WWE Title Picture?

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    The Miz has “destroyed” John Morrison and R-Truth on the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw. I cannot help but wonder if this is a sign that the WWE is going to push the Miz back into the WWE title picture.

    What else is there for him to do?

    The “Conspiracy” angle can safely be pronounced dead, much to the chagrin of some fans. The Miz is also back to being on his own and flailing around the mid-card ranks seems useless for him. So what else is there for the Miz to do except fill the current void of contender for CM Punk’s WWE Championship?

    The Miz is talented, despite his sometimes questionable gimmick, so I expect the WWE to capitalize on his current heat with the fans. Decimating a few jobbers is a nice start, but I would like to see Miz go after Punk next week on Raw. With Alberto Del Rio falling consecutively to Punk, it will be unlikely that Del Rio gets another title shot at “TLC.”

    This seems like the perfect time for the Miz to engage in a feud with CM Punk. Punk could use a more exciting opponent and the Miz has been wasted for months now.

    Would you guys get excited by a Punk-Miz rivalry?

Where is the Wade Barrett-Randy Orton Rivalry Headed?

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    I would hate to see such an exciting feud go to waste.

    Wade Barrett and Randy Orton’s buildup really seems to be coming together. The problem is that I am still unclear of the motivation for this rivalry.

    It seems somewhat pointless to have two of the best talents on the roster feuding without the heavyweight title involved. I am very excited about Barrett’s push but it seems to be in vain. This feud could be so much bigger if the championship was involved.

    I will give the WWE the benefit of the doubt because this feud is only getting started. It is very possible that the title will be involved at a later date.

    The WWE really needs to make decisions on who they want to push and stick with those people though. We have seen Barrett pushed before and then disappear. With the sudden reemergence of Daniel Bryan I have to pause and hope that this feud between Barrett and Orton becomes much bigger than it currently is. The potential for more is there.

    Where do you think this feud is going?

Who Has the Better Leg Drop? Hulk Hogan or Alicia Fox?

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    I am kidding but you have to admit that it was somewhat laughable when Alicia Fox front-flipped into a leg drop to end the match.

    Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly defeated the Bella Twins in an extremely pointless divas tag-team match. The match did nothing to further or create any storyline within the Divas division. The only time we saw the current Divas champion was when Beth Phoenix and Natalya jogged around the ring for no apparent reason and then exited as quickly as they came.

    No, I did not make that up.

    You just have to shake your head at the direction the Divas division is heading. If the WWE is going to continue to be this lazy then why not just nix the divas entirely? Or make them managers and eye candy if you refuse to make adequate storylines and matches?

    I am sure it is repetitive to read my articles where I bash the WWE for the way they handle the women of the company, but if I am forced to watch this garbage then I will continue to complain. Why are these matches on Raw? They are over after three minutes so you cannot even argue that the matches are there for filler!

    Why not have Alicia Fox battle Kelly Kelly for the right to face Beth Phoenix at “TLC”? At least that would have a purpose and possibly get some fans interested in the title race.

    No, instead have another pointless tag-team match where the Bella Twins lose to some combination of Eve, Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox. We haven’t seen that a hundred times this year.

    If you want to push Alicia Fox, then push her. Stop trotting Kelly Kelly out there with every other face diva on the roster. It makes Kelly Kelly look like an attention-craving brat.

    I am sorry but I find it insulting that the WWE puts no effort into the divas, yet continues to throw them on Raw. You have a two-hour show and the least you can do is try to make all two hours interesting.

    Prove to me that you are serious about resuscitating the divas, tag-team and mid-card titles, WWE.

Will Zack Ryder’s Victory Mean Anything?

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    Zack Ryder defeated Jack Swagger on tonight’s episode of Raw. That is wonderful, but does it mean anything?

    Ryder has been a tease for months and there is still no guarantee that he will get his United States Championship shot at the upcoming pay-per-view “TLC.” Most fans thought Ryder was a lock for Survivor Series, yet John Morrison was given the shot. Are you serious, bro?

    Ryder seems to be very over with most fans, so I am not really sure why the WWE continues to hold him back. I still cannot figure out why they are not pushing a Zack Ryder-Dolph Ziggler feud. Is the WWE afraid it would make the US title exciting for once?

    Unfortunately there have been too many inconsistencies week to week for me to make any definitive prediction on what is to come for Ryder. What do you guys think?

Is Daniel Bryan Finally Being Pushed?

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    Is Daniel Bryan getting a push or is this fool’s gold?

    We will find out on the next episode of SmackDown. Bryan is set to take on Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship in a steel cage match. It would be interesting if Bryan won the title and did not have to use his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    I admit I am not a big fan of Bryan, but I would like to see him get a small push. You do not have a guy win the briefcase and then have him lose consistently for months. What does that prove?

    I would have rather seen the WWE throw Daniel Bryan into a feud with Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship before he enters the main-event scene though. I think Bryan needs to be built up before becoming a World champion.

    Daniel Bryan is talented, but he really needs some validation before I consider him main-event material. I know Bryan has his fans that are begging the WWE for a push; I am simply asking for a compromise in which the WWE slowly builds him up so they get more use out of him. If marketed properly he could help make the IC title more interesting by feuding with Rhodes. Both men would benefit greatly from a rivalry.

    However, that does not seem to be the case. I am not sure if the WWE is pushing Bryan or not, but one day they need to give him a legitimate shot or move him out of the way.

    Who here thinks it is Daniel Bryan’s turn to be heavyweight champ? Any takers?

Is John Cena Being Built Towards a Heel Turn?

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    How many articles get published every week asking for John Cena to turn heel? I’ll set the line at six-and-a-half.

    Tonight John Cena entered the legendary Piper’s Pit and was confronted by the Hall of Famer, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper’s goal was to get some kind of reaction from Cena on the subject of fans booing him.

    Cena gave his customary lines about “rising above the hate” and “fans can do what they want.” This caused the Hot Rod to slap John Cena after which Cena took off his hat and exited the arena quickly.

    Was this the beginning of John Cena’s heel buildup or just another segment where Cena “does the right thing” and turns the other cheek to the fans who boo him?

    I refuse to predict if Cena is going to turn heel or not. He has had a dozen chances to and never has, so what makes me believe he is going to anytime soon? The WWE can bring out a dozen Hall of Famers and legends for Cena to do promos with, but it does not seem to change anyone’s view of him.

    There are the Cena haters and the Cena worshipers and neither side is going to budge on their stance of John Cena. Then you have the other fans, like myself, who feel Cena needs a break or a tweak. I get accused of hating Cena because I do not love him, but the truth is every great superstar has become stale at one point or another. Cena is no different.

    The Internet has rallied to make their voice heard to the WWE: They want John Cena to turn heel. The crazy part is that if Cena was to ever turn heel he probably would get the loudest pop of his career.

    The evidence of a Cena heel turn has been there before. Will someone make the case that this time is any different?

    Let me know below and make sure to list the questions that came out of Raw for you. Also, follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac. Sometimes I make witty updates using hashtags. 

    Keep it Classic everyone!