BJ's Food for Thought: No. 1

B.J. CepedaContributor IDecember 22, 2008

Check this out: Tom Bowl.

It's the only major college football bowl not accredited with the NCAA. Who else thinks this guy is wacky out of his mind? By the way no team has showed up in the history of the game.

Laval Lucas Perry showed Michigan he will be another threat in the arsenal. Going off for 14 points in his first game since transferring from Arizona last season, Perry looked as if he had been playing with the team all year. He will be a big help in the race for the Big 10 Championship.

Finally the High School Football Championships are over in every state. According to they have announced the 2008 Top High School Football team. St. Thomas Aquinas out of Fort Lauderdale, FL won the mythical Championship.

Finally, what's up with football referres giving players forearm shivers? It happened earlier this year in an NCAA game. Then it happened this week in an NFL game as a Saints running back was taken out. All you refs out there, they have semipro football still if you're interested in hitting again.

This is the first installment in many more food for thoughts to come.