The Cowardly Lions. They Also Lack Heart and Brains

Ashwin KeenerContributor IDecember 22, 2008

This installment of the Lions has been the most futile team in NFL history. They have won the first half of games only to give up those leads in the third and fourth quarters. Whenever they find themselves up, we somehow know they will find a way to blow those leads.

It has been a painful experience to watch them fumble, intercept, and penalize themselves to the worst record EVER. If this was any other franchise we would feel bad for them. However, since it is the Lions it is almost expected of them to continue to rack up losing seasons.

There have been whispers; okay I will admit shouts from Lions fans that actually want to see an 0-16 record. I am not one of those people; no one wants the distinction of the team that couldn't beat anyone.

The fans thought that getting rid of Millen would solve the woes of a horrible team. Okay, he's been gone for a while now and still no change in results. In the end the only thing his firing solved, was not drafting a wide receiver in next year's draft.

This team has found a way to bring chaos to everything they do. Even yesterday as Calvin Johnson streaked down the sideline to haul in a touchdown pass it was called back. Why you ask? Because no matter what  the Lions have one thing going for them; consistency.