Steve Johnson and the 13 Dumbest Players in the NFL

Aidan MackieSenior Analyst INovember 28, 2011

Steve Johnson and the 13 Dumbest Players in the NFL

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    The NFL is full of explosive talent and physical freaks, but it is not exactly the smartest group of people you will ever meet.

    For every smart player out there like Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick, there is a player that is not quite the smartest tool in the shed like Steve Johnson.

    Whether it is from troubling legal issues, moronic on-field decisions or just mind-boggling quotes, these 15 players own the distinct honor of being the dumbest batch of players in the league today. 

Steve Johnson

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    Steve Johnson is one of the most dynamic youngsters in the game today, but he has gained infamy for poor decisions on and off the field.

    Buffalo's wide receiver first hit the spotlight when he blamed God for his crucial drop against the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. He tweeted the following:


    Twitter has been the downfall of many football players before, but this tweet was just plain moronic. Obviously if God does exist, he/she would be concerned over more important things than a football game. 

    The 24-year-old is not short on dumb decisions, as just last Sunday, he mocked Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress on a touchdown catch by pretending to shoot himself in the leg. This moronic act cost the wideout a lot of cash, as well as a crucial loss for his team. 

Adrian Peterson

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    Adrian Peterson is the best running back in football today, with his explosive and powerful running garnering him numerous Pro Bowl selections and positive publicity.

    However, the Vikings star used a very drastic comparison that shocked many during this offseason. With the lockout looming in March, "All Day" referred to the league's treatment of players as "modern-day slavery."

    Obviously, the Oklahoma product faced a lot of criticism for his words and he watched his perfect reputation crumble in front of his eyes.

Jared Allen

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    Jared Allen is one of the most vaunting defensive players in the league today. Known for his dynamic pass-rushing ability and leadership in the locker room, the perennial Pro Bowler has become a fan favorite in Minnesota.

    In 2009, though, Allen had one of the dumbest quotes in NFL history. When asked whether he thought there was a schism occurring in the locker room, the Vikings star replied:

    I don’t know where this came from. Like I said, I don’t think anybody on this team knows what schism is, let alone could use it in a sentence. I thought it was an STD when I first heard it. And I was like, whoa, we preach abstinence around these parts.

    I can't decide whether this quote is more funny or stupid. Obviously, the Minnesota locker room needs a vocabulary lesson.

Rashard Mendenhall

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    Rashard Mendenhall is one of the most explosive backfield threats in the league today, but his insensitive tweets earlier this year were met with harsh criticism. 

    After Bin Laden's sudden death and subsequent joy amongst the American people, the Illinois Product tweeted:

    What kind of person celebrates death? It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side…

    The Steelers star then went on to make bold conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks.

    These insulting words towards the national population will not win over many fans for Mendenhall. 

Ben Roethlisberger

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    Ben Roethlisberger is one of the game's premier quarterbacks and the unquestioned leader of Pittsburgh's explosive offense. 

    However, his irrational decisions off the field have cost him fans over the years.

    From a questionable motorcycle accident that caused minor injuries to a sexual assault charge before the 2010 season, Big Ben has been the center of controversy over the last few seasons.

    The Steelers are a proud organization and usually boot a player out if they threaten the public opinion of the franchise. If the two-time Super Bowl champion does not clean up his act, then he could be looking for a job elsewhere in the future. 

Antrel Rolle

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    Antrel Rolle is one of the finest safeties in the league today but has received negative media attention for some questionable quotes.

    Rolle's most infamous quote came in 2009, when he compared NFL players to soldiers returning from combat.

    We risk ourselves out there on the field each and every day also. When soldiers come home from Iraq, you don't boo them. I look at it the same way. I take my job seriously.

    This ridiculous quote shows Rolle's ignorance of war and the bravery of soldiers in battle. Football players are paid millions of dollars to play a child's game, while soldiers are paid very little to risk their lives for their country. 

James Harrison

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    James Harrison is one of the most feared outside linebackers in the game today. The 2008 Defensive Player of the Year is known for his superb play on the field and his opinionated quotes off the field.

    In last year's offseason, the Steelers Pro Bowler hammered Roger Goodell with numerous insults. The former undrafted rookie called the NFL commissioner "a crook," "a dictator" and "a devil."

    This was topped off with a anti-gay slur and Harrison stating that "If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn't do it."

    These senseless quotes were met with harsh criticism and added to Harrison's reputation as the league's "bad boy."

Rex Ryan

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    Rex Ryan is known for his bombastic personality and his Super Bowl predictions.

    Throughout his reign, the Jets head coach has made headlines for press-conference incidents.

    One of the most infamous was when Ryan stated that the Jets had been eliminated from the playoffs after a loss to the Falcons.

    This was incorrect, as New York would go on to make the postseason and go all the way to the AFC Championship.

    The premature elimination speech made Ryan look like a fool in front of the national media. 

DeSean Jackson

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    DeSean Jackson is one of the most explosive players in the league today, but his poor attitude and decision making have led to major criticism from the public.

    The Eagles wideout gained infamy for chucking a ball away in celebration as he trotted into the end zone, but before he reached the end zone. 

    This cost Philadelphia a touchdown and spawned a lot of unwanted media attention for Jackson.

    The 24-year-old has been in the spotlight again this season, as he has struggled with crucial drops as well as waking up on time for team meetings.

Chad Henne

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    Chad Henne has a big mouth. The former Michigan star has openly criticized numerous players, but his insults of Tim Tebow garnered national attention.

    "My judgment is that he's not an NFL quarterback. I'll leave it at that."

    These words have come back to haunt Henne, as Tebow has outplayed him at the professional level. Here are the stats to prove it.

    Touchdowns: Henne 33, Tebow 22

    Interceptions: Henne 37, Tebow 4

    W-L Record: Henne 13-18, Tebow 6-3

Ricky Williams

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    Ricky Williams has had an effective career running the ball, but has received more attention for his ridiculous quotes off the field than his play on the field. Here are a few of his classics:

    "I don't think I'll ever be able to stay in one place for more than a year or two. It's not in my nature."

    "Nine in the box...that's a football term."

    "It's funny people say 'Welcome Back' when I haven't gone anywhere."

    Wow, the former Heisman Trophy winner has sure given some memorable quotes over the years. 

Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler is a very talented quarterback, but is hated by most of the general population for his sulking attitude and dumb behavior.

    The Bears star received a lot of criticism from the media and fans last year after he left the NFC Championship with an injury. The most troubling part of seeing Cutler on the sidelines was his lack of attentiveness. He failed to help backup Caleb Hanie understand the playbook at all, and he seemed bored throughout the entire game.

    If Cutler does not want to receive negative media attention, then he should act more involved than he does now.

    The former Bronco is also on this list for dumping Kristen Cavalleri (although they did get back together quickly afterwards). 

Antonio Cromartie

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    Antonio Cromartie is known for his superb play on the field—and his big mouth off of it.

    The Pro Bowl cornerback garnered national attention for his outrageous tweet about the San Diego Charger's food during training camp in 2009.

    Man we have 2 have the most nasty food of any team. Damn can we upgrade 4 str8 years
    the same ish maybe that’s y we can’t we the SB we need.

    This quote is very hard to read, but Cromartie is basically saying that the food is costing his team Lombardi trophies. The former first-round pick was fined for the tweet.

    Cromartie also looked like a fool on "Hard Knocks" last season, as the Jet had a lot of trouble naming his many kids and their ages.