Montreal Canadiens-Philadelphia Flyers Mini-Series

Francois GendronSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2008

This weekend, the Montreal Canadiens and the Philadelphia Flyers will face each other twice in two nights. Both teams have similar records this season.

If we take a look at the standings, the teams are only four points apart from each other. A sweep of the mini-series from either can make a huge difference in this last stretch of the season.

4. Montreal Canadiens—69

5. New-Jersey Devils—68

6. Philadelphia Flyers—65

7. Buffalo Sabres—64

For the first game of this mini-series, rookie goaltender Carey Price will start in net for Montreal a second game in a row after giving a respectable performance to beat the Florida Panthers last Wednesday.

Game one is scheduled tomorrow evening at the Bell centre in Montreal. A capacity crowd (once again) will give a loud cheer for the home team. Both teams have built a strong rivalry since the Flyers joined the league and fans from both sides are nourishing their hatred for each other since a few decades already. An entertaining offensive game is expected.

For the Flyers, bad news came this week as forward Simon Gagné will not be able to play due to a concussion. Gagné has had other concussions during his career. He will surely recover before the end of the regular season but his career at this stage will likely be shortened because of the repeated concussions. Simon Gagné only played 25 games this season.