Urban Meyer to Ohio State: 4 Uncommitted 2012 Recruits Meyer Needs to Grab

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst INovember 28, 2011

Urban Meyer to Ohio State: 4 Uncommitted 2012 Recruits Meyer Needs to Grab

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    Well, it is all done and official. Urban Meyer is the head football coach at The Ohio State University. I predicted it months ago, but it's till a surprise to see it come true.

    Not only is Meyer a well-regarded coach on the field, he's also one of the premier recruiting head coaches in the country. So OSU's recruiting class will immediately see a buzz return.

    Though the Buckeyes' current class is not top caliber by any means, Meyer does have two months to build it up some. Here are some top recruits I think he needs to find a way to grab. 

Demetrious Cox, DB

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    Cox is a 6'1", 185-pound safety prospect from Pennsylvania. I think he fits best in a zone-oriented scheme, as he can float around and use his instincts to make plays.

    Cox shows solid awareness on the back end, excellent ball location skills and has a knack for getting his hands on the football. He'll plug the run with confidence, but also has the route recognition and natural range to make plays on the ball in the passing game.

    Ohio State just hosted him for a visit recently, so Meyer needs to get on the phone and seal the deal.

Ifeadi Odenigbo, DE/OLB

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    The uncertainty of the coaching situation in Columbus has affected Odenigbo's views on Ohio State, yet one has to think that when you say "Urban Meyer," that would bring the Buckeyes back into the fold.

    Odenigbo is a phenomenal athlete. He shows easy movement skills, elite snap quickness, length and even room to size up more weight and strength. He's already 6'4", 220 pounds and can play OLB or DE depending on your front.

    He seems bent on going to an academic power, but Meyer should be recruiting Odenigbo hard to help the Buckeyes' pass rush going forward.

Brionte Dunn, RB

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    I know, I know, Dunn is committed to Ohio State. Well, technically he is, but if you've followed recruiting, then you should know that he really isn't. Dunn has flirted big time with Michigan, and Penn State and Miami are hot after him.

    For awhile, it seemed as if Dunn was looking for an excuse to de-commit from Ohio State. 

    Now, Urban Meyer's name should pin his ears up for the Buckeyes, and Meyer could indeed reaffirm Dunn's pledge with one heart-to-heart conversation.

Arik Armstead, DE

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    Armstead doesn't list Ohio State as a prime school of note right now, but if you're Meyer, I think you have a shot to get in the race. For starters, you tell Armstead that if he comes to Columbus, he's playing DE and DE only, which he will love.

    Then you get with Thad Matta and tell him, "Hey, I think I found your next Jared Sullinger. He's 6'8", 280 pounds, moves like small forward and we can split him. After he sacks QBs for me in the fall, he can get double-doubles for you in the winter."

    You then convince Armstead to come for a visit to OSU and show him around the football program facilities. Then introduce him to Matta and Sullinger after a home game.