The Miz: What's Next for the WWE Superstar with R-Truth Suspended?

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent INovember 28, 2011

The Miz: What's Next for the WWE Superstar with R-Truth Suspended?

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    With R-Truth out of the picture due to a 30-day suspension, many are speculating what will happen to the “awesome” half of the Awesome Truth tag team, aka Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

    After Miz’s betrayal of Truth on a recent edition of Monday Night Raw, it appears that Awesome Truth are officially finished, leaving the Miz a singles competitor again.

    Now that Miz is flying solo once more, the possibilities for Mizanin are endless. Here are a few directions that WWE can take the Miz’s character as he resumes his singles career.

A Title Match Against CM Punk

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    In the Survivor Series aftermath, many Internet Wrestling Community members have been proclaiming that a Miz-CM Punk feud would be “awesome!”  While I’m not necessarily that giddy about the possibility of this potential rivalry, I do think it would be a solid one, at that.

    This would be a golden opportunity to get the Miz back into the WWE title picture.  And both men are absolute money on the mic; they would likely cut some epic in-ring promos.  Plus, we haven’t seen a Miz-Punk rivalry involving the WWE title yet, so this would be a completely fresh feud in that regard.

A Rivalry with R-Truth

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    By now, many of you know that R-Truth got “got” by both WWE and the Miz.  Truth (aka Ron Killings) was suspended 30 days by WWE for his violation of the company’s wellness policy.

    That explains why the Miz randomly turned on his tag team partner at the conclusion of last week’s Monday Night Raw.  Surely, when Truth returns, he’ll be looking for payback against Miz.

    Unfortunately, this would mean that Truth would most likely have to turn face again, which is a shame, because Truth was a very effective heel.  Nevertheless, Miz’s ambush opens the door for a Truth face turn and subsequent Miz-Truth showdown.

A New Partner in the Fight Against the Conspiracy

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    It’s frustrating that WWE decided to break up the Awesome Truth tag team of the Miz and R Truth, not only because they were arguably the company’s best tag team, but because it appears they’re randomly putting an end to their massive “conspiracy” storyline.  If that’s the case, then we’ll never know who raised the cage at Hell in a Cell, we’ll never know if interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis is in on the conspiracy, etc.

    I want to see the conspiracy angle continue simply because I’m sick of WWE ending storylines with no explanation, like they did for the anonymous Raw GM.  A great way for the conspiracy story to continue would be to pair the Miz with another partner.

    David Otunga would be a logical choice here; he’s already a heel and as a Harvard graduate, he’s astute (or arrogant) enough to believe there’s a conspiracy against him, too.

Getting Alex Riley Back into the Mix

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    While the majority of the Internet Wrestling Community could probably care less about Alex Riley, I’m frustrated that he has basically fallen off the WWE map completely.  I think he has the looks, charm and athleticism needed to become the next big star in the company.

    Sure, his wrestling skills are still a little green, but all the John Cena haters have claimed for years that he can’t wrestle, and he’s in the main event every night.  The point is, I think getting Riley involved again with the Miz could benefit both superstars.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Riley serve under the Miz’s tutelage once again.  Riley’s interference could help Miz get back to the top of WWE in no time, while Miz could certainly pull some strings with his buddy John Laurinaitis and get Riley a shot at the U.S. title.

    On the contrary, a renewal in the Riley-Miz rivalry could garner a pop, as well.  If Riley has improved in the ring, then the two could actually put on a solid match at a future pay-per-view.   

A Showdown with the Rock

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    The only way a battle between the Miz and the Rock seems possible is via the new WWE ’12 video game.  Nevertheless, I’m going to make the case that a match between these two should happen sometime before WrestleMania.

    It would be a great way to keep the Rock involved and boost WWE’s sagging ratings and pay-per-view buys.  Plus, given how great of a team player he is, you know the Miz would have no problems jobbing again to the Rock and his massive ego.

    It’s quite the beneficial scenario all around.  The Rock will keep building momentum heading into his WrestleMania showdown with John Cena; WWE keeps the fans happy by keeping the Rock involved; and the Miz gets arguably the biggest match of his career.  If I’m the Miz, I jump at an “awesome!” opportunity like this.