Luck Or Skill- Does Your Team Have Both?

Pat the rock pile CraigContributor IDecember 22, 2008

Since I'm a Steelers fan, I'll use them as an example. The Steelers have won (up until yesterday) their last few games by the skin of their butts. Was it luck or skill? Fans of the Steelers will claim its all skill. Fans of the opposing teams will sing "You Got Lucky, Babe."

But if the shoe was reversed, like in Sunday's game against the Titans....Steelers fans will cry and whine about Ben's turnovers or the coach's poor choice of play calling or all the penalties. But, of course, we all know it's the use of fast Willie instead of Moore. And then, when talking to friends and co-workers, the fans will claim the other team got lucky.

Wait a minute! What happened to skill?

Did the Steelers play with such great skill, it cost them the game? Or was it luck when Ben fumbled and threw interceptions so the other team could use their luck to score?

Have I made my point yet?

This is just one game and one example. This happens in any game, no matter who the teams and fans are. Except for in Detroit. The greatest skill in Detroit is the skill of losing.

So, to answer the question, according to the fans and myself, A team needs both skill and luck depending on if you are in the W or L column.