WWE: Why Alberto Del Rio's Time in the Main Event Is Finished

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIINovember 28, 2011

At Survivor Series, CM Punk defeated Alberto del Rio for the WWE Championship. That win ended Del Rio's second WWE title reign.

The fans gave CM Punk the best reaction of the night; even better than the Rock's return in my opinion. Meanwhile, Del Rio went to the locker room in what should be his last main event run for awhile.

Since debuting in the WWE, Del Rio showed promise by claiming it was his destiny to win the WWE Championship and by having feuds with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Christian.

Then the WWE did something that they do all too frequently: they gave Del Rio a huge push when he wasn't fully over with the crowd.

The result? Del Rio claiming it was his destiny to win the WWE Championship every single episode of Raw and/or Smackdown.

Del Rio finally won the WWE Championship but did not hold onto it past a month. Then he went back into the title chase claiming destiny again. Vince McMahon remained high on him, but even that has now come into question as Vince has seemingly changed his mind.

I guess you could call Del Rio a one-trick pony. He is so repetitive that he gets boring rather quickly. He comes out riding in style, Ricardo announces him, calls someone a Chihuahua, puts on a decent match with the same moves, and only has one finisher.

Win or lose he keeps harping on his destiny. Again, that gimmick has gotten stale very fast and personally, I am not sure Del Rio can do much more.

I don't think he can play a different character and I can definitely not see him as a face. So there is only one place to go really, and that is down.

Down to the mid-card for Del Rio.

He won't be missed really; Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz can take over with no problem. Del Rio is expendable and McMahon has finally realized that the fans have gotten bored with him. CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler sounds much better than CM Punk vs. Alberto del Rio.

Del Rio will get one more main event match tonight on Raw before what I believe should be the start of his de-push.


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