WWE Discussion: Is It Easier for a Face or Heel to Win over the Crowd?

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIINovember 28, 2011


In the wrestling business, success and longevity can be judged on one important factor, whether a wrestler is well-liked by fans. If a superstar fails to connect with the audience then they will not last long in the business. This is true from the small independent promotions all the way up to the WWE.

As any fan knows, there are two types of superstars, heels and faces. For the five-year-old who may be reading, heels are dirty characters or villains while the face is clean and the hero. But I found myself wondering if it's easier to get over with the crowd as a face or a heel?

Personally, I think being a face character would be harder. It is harder to get people to accept you and support you than it is for them to hate you. In the WWE today there are very few pure face characters that the fans love cheering on. Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and recently Sheamus are really the only weekly guys that the fans love to cheer for.

There is, however, an abundance of heels. Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, and the list goes on.

Why are there so many more heels than faces? It is simple. Being a heel is much easier than being a face.

Want to get a large group of people to hate you? Insult their city or culture.

Want even more heat? Insult their intelligence or tell them that you are too good for them.

Trying to get someone to accept you as their hero is much harder. As a face, you have to think about what you say and whether this is something that the crowd will like to hear. This is the reason that there are more successful heels in the WWE than there are faces.

Even stars like John Cena have trouble pleasing everyone. Kids and women love him while every man over the age of 16 hates him. Everyone can give heat to Dolph Ziggler or Vickie Guerrero, but when was the last time John Cena was liked by the majority of the audience?

Personally, I like the heels better than the faces. I prefer Drew McIntyre to John Morrison, The Miz to Randy Orton, Barrett and Rhodes to Cena and Bryan and Beth Phoenix over Kelly Kelly. I like the villain side of the WWE way better than the good guy side.

What do you like? Heels or faces? Do you think it is easier to be a heel or a face in the WWE or in the wrestling business in general?

Please leave your comments below, and thanks for reading.

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