Same Old Jets: Another Season (almost) Down The Drain

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 22, 2008

The New York Jets...what can I say. I'm by far not as big a fan of football as I am of baseball. 

I know a couple things about football; one of them is that the Jets most likely blew a pretty a good chance to go to the playoffs as division winners. 

The Jets lost to the Seattle Seahawks yesterday, if you haven't heard. The Jets are going to be playing the division-leading Miami Dolphins next week. If they lose, their season is over.

If they win, they still have to rely on the Patriots to lose to make the playoffs. If the Jets and Patriots both win, the Pats make the playoffs...again. If the Jets lose, the Jets and everybody else can say that Brett Favre didn't help. 

Sure, they are going to be over .500 no matter what, but the playoffs aren't guaranteed. What does this Jets team need? It upgraded on about everything possible; is it just meant to lose? That's what it seems like.

At least if the Jets don't make the playoffs, the Packers don't get a great draft pick. After all, they might need that first-rounder the way things have gone lately.