The 25 Worst Playoff Teams in NFL History

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The 25 Worst Playoff Teams in NFL History
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We're only five weeks away from the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs, and as usual, there are still playoff spots up for grabs. 

The AFC East, NFC West and NFC North all seem to be decided; the NFC East, NFC South and AFC North should be dogfights, and the AFC South is up in the air due to the injury problems Houston seems to have had at quarterback.

As for the Wild Card spots, in the NFC that picture—clear as day at the end of last week—is up in the air due to Jay Cutler being injured for Chicago and Ndamukong Suh likely being suspended for two games in Detroit, which puts Atlanta and the second-place team in the NFC East back in the race.

In the AFC it's looking more and more like the second- and third-place teams in the AFC North will be the Wild Cards; however the Jets and Titans are still lurking.  

Then there's the AFC West. Right now Oakland is in the driver]s seat, but you can't deny that something special is happening in Denver. 

That something special is a Broncos team that right now sits one game behind Oakland. A Broncos team led by Tim Tebow

And a Broncos team that, if somehow is able to sneak into the playoffs as either AFC West Champions or a Wild Card, will be one of the worst playoff teams in NFL history. (The Broncos, like the Jets and Titans, are one game behind the Bengals, who they also hold the tiebreaker over thanks to Denver's Week 2 win.)

Why do I think this?

How about a -39 point differential? Sure, if they continue on the roll they're on, they could make up for it, but they play the New England Patriots in Week 15, a Patriots team that can stop the run and has the second-best passing offense in the NFL, while Denver is 22nd against the pass.

Also keep in mind New England's weakness is against the pass, which is the one thing Tim Tebow can't seem to do. That doesn't look good. 

But that does bring me to my other point: the Broncos' rankings in offense and defense. The only category where they're a top-10 team is in running the ball. Look everywhere else: 22nd against the pass, 31st passing the ball and 16th against the run. 

Now this article isn't meant to slam the Denver Broncos but to allow me to jump into the 25 worst playoff teams in NFL history. 

These are teams that seemed to have no business being in the playoffs, yet somehow made it in. In many cases these teams proved why they had no business in the playoffs once they got there and had to take on real contenders. 

Here are the 25 worst playoff teams in NFL history.

Note that this is not only based on record (although a general rule of thumb is that most of these teams did finish 9-7 or 8-8), but also on how they performed in the playoffs.

I also took into account who they beat and where they played (obviously the teams got more credit for beating a team on the road than at home, and if a team beat a great team that was relatively healthy then they got credit for that too). 

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