WWE: Will Brodus Clay Ever End Up Making His Raw Debut?

Drake OzSenior Writer IINovember 28, 2011

Brodus Clay was supposed to make his return to WWE TV on the Nov. 8 edition of Monday Night Raw, but it didn’t happen. 

He was then supposed to re-debut on the next edition of Raw, but that didn’t happen, either. His return was pushed back to last week’s episode of Raw, but the WWE once again failed to live up to that promise. 

At least in the first two scenarios, we got storyline reasons as to why Clay wasn’t on TV, thanks to a couple of backstage segments with Raw interim general manager. But there was no explanation whatsoever for Clay’s absence on last Monday’s Raw. 

He just wasn’t there.

The WWE has built up Clay for months now, first with squash wins on Superstars (and in dark matches) and then through a series of video packages that aired on Monday Night Raw. Yet, here we are rapidly approaching 2012, and Clay still hasn’t made his debut yet. 

So, when the hell will he? 

According to F4Wonline.com (via WrestleNewz.com), the plan is for Clay to “be involved in the top storylines on Raw” immediately upon his debut. But, considering that his debut has been pushed back so many times, I honestly think that the creative team has no idea what it wants to do with Clay. 

Think about it this way: If there were concrete plans in place for Clay, then don’t you think the writers and TV producers would have scrapped a couple of backstage segments or shortened some promos and matches to make room for Clay’s debut? 

That hasn’t happened, though. 

The only mention of Clay has been Laurinaitis saying that he wanted Clay’s re-debut to be “big.” However, the WWE consistently fails to take the first step in making his return a big one, and that’s actually, you know, bringing the man back to TV. 

If the WWE keeps delaying Clay’s return because they do, in fact, want his return to be huge, then I applaud them. But I have little to no faith that that’s what is actually going on. 

I’d bet my bottom dollar that plans for Clay have changed a thousand times just since that report on the “initial plans” for Clay emerged on Nov. 8. The WWE is notorious for changing storylines by the day—especially when they leak online—and that seems to be what’s happening with Clay at the moment. 

There will come a point, however, when the WWE has to find a way to fix its problem of “time constraints” on Raw. If you want Clay to be a big deal, then you’ll do whatever you can to get the man on TV. 

For now, though, it looks like Clay will be stuck in No Man’s Land until the creative team finds the right opportunity to bring him back to Monday Night Raw. Maybe it’s just me, but I believe that opportunity will present itself tonight. 

Thanks to R-Truth’s recent suspension, Raw is really lacking in top-tier heels at the moment. You’ve got Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler…and that’s about it. 

That’s why I really can’t understand what the WWE is waiting for or why Clay wouldn’t debut on tonight’s episode of Monday night Raw. 

John Cena’s going to need a new feud soon, so is CM Punk and there’s a number of mid-card stars on Raw—such as Air Boom and Mason Ryan—who need a new rivalry as we head into the new year. Clay would at least give the creative team more options for these stars to potentially feud with. 

He’s got a unique look, great size and is surprisingly mobile for such a big man. Whereas most behemoths can’t really wrestle, Clay would be able to put on a quality match with just about any of those baby faces I mentioned (excluding Ryan). 

The WWE brass have got to stop thinking that running a bunch of 15-minute promos or crappy backstage segments are going to make the show better. They’re not. 

But Brodus Clay will. 

When the creative team finally gets creative enough to work Clay into their current storylines, they will see that they’ve been missing out on a golden opportunity by having him sit on the sidelines. 

And you know what? I think that happens tonight. Finally.