WWE: Why Wade Barrett Should Bring Back the Nexus

Jonathan BachCorrespondent IIINovember 30, 2011

A lot of people are going to hate this. 

Wade Barrett has been on a tear as of late, including a few victories over Randy Orton.

He seems to be on his way to becoming a top heel on SmackDown, if he isn't already considered that already. But there has been a common theme over the past few weeks that makes me feel like Barrett should bring back the thing that propelled him into the top ranks of the WWE in the first place.

See, Barrett has been going on about the "Barrett Barrage" over the past few weeks. The Barrage could use a team. This would consist of his team at Survivor Series, Cody Rhodes and Hunico. There is no real connection between Barrett and Raw superstars Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler or at least it hasn't been made obvious. 

So why not just bring back what used to be great?

According to sources, Skip Sheffield is on his way back. What better way to come back than to make an impact and join Wade Barrett? The Nexus never really had a fair ending, either. It sort of died during the whole CM Punk shoot promo storyline. 

Cody Rhodes and Barrett are very legitimate superstars and Hunico needs to be associated with the Nexus in order to survive in the WWE since the only feud I can see him in already happened with Sin Cara. Barrett has proven to be a leader.

Although many of you may say he needs to separate himself from others and become a real singles superstar, his push will go along a lot faster if he comes back with the Nexus.

And WWE can do many things with another variation of the Nexus. Anyone forget about Daniel Bryan being written off from the Nexus after his little tie incident? Maybe it's time to address that and have Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion face off against the Nexus.

Barrett will likely be facing Randy Orton at TLC, but he'll need help and the Nexus might be the way to go.