BCS Rankings: 10 Reasons Why LSU and Alabama SHOULD Meet in a Rematch

Sean LansingContributor INovember 27, 2011

BCS Rankings: 10 Reasons Why LSU and Alabama SHOULD Meet in a Rematch

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    Like it or not, LSU and Alabama are virtually guaranteed to meet for a second time this season in the BCS championship game. 

    When they played in November, the Tigers squeaked out a hard-fought, highly-contested 9-6 overtime victory. 

    Despite the outcry from many who don't believe Alabama should get another shot, these two teams SHOULD play again for the title.

    Here are 10 reasons why. 

No. 1 vs. No. 2

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    A lot of people might not think it's fair that Alabama is going to get another shot at LSU, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anybody who doesn't believe these are the two best teams in the nation. 

    The BCS championship game should be between the undisputed No. 1 and 2 teams in the country, and that is exactly what a matchup between the Tigers and the Tide will accomplish. 

Game One

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    Alabama-LSU part one proved that these two teams couldn't be more evenly matched. 

    If either team had won in a blowout, then a rematch wouldn't be necessary. 

    However, because the first meeting was so close, you could argue that nothing was actually settled. 


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    It's an argument that's used ad nauseum, but the SEC truly is the best conference in all of college football. 

    Both teams made it through the conference unscathed (with the obvious exception of Alabama's loss to LSU), and no team has earned a spot in the title game by winning week in and week out more than these two. 

Non-Conference Wins

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    These teams didn’t just win in the SEC—they beat some of the best teams that other conferences have to offer.

    With wins over Oregon and West Virginia, LSU beat the Pac-12 and Big East’s best.

    By beating Penn State for the second season in a row, Alabama did away with one of the Big Ten’s top programs. 

Alabama Has the "Best" Defeat

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    No other one-loss team in college football can claim a defeat as "good" as Alabama's. 

    Oklahoma State lost to 6-5 Iowa State, Stanford lost to an Oregon team that was bested by LSU at the beginning of the season, Virginia Tech lost to a Clemson team that has completely fallen apart, and Boise State lost to fellow mid-major TCU. 


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    On Thanksgiving weekend, LSU handily defeated arguably the third-best team in the nation when they beat Arkansas. 

    With the Razorbacks out of the way, there is no reason that LSU and Alabama shouldn't meet again for the Coaches' Trophy. 


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    Put any team other than Alabama on the field against LSU, and you run the risk of a blowout. 

    During the season, only the Tide proved that they can be competitive against the Tigers.

    LSU's closest game not against Alabama was decided by 13 points. 


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    In 2006, a similar situation occurred when undefeated Ohio State and undefeated Michigan met at season's end for a spot in the BCS title game. 

    Ohio State won a nail biter, and they went on to play Florida in the national championship game. 

    The Gators housed the Buckeyes, and the Wolverines could do nothing but watch. 

    Did the BCS get it right, or did Michigan deserve to be in that game? 


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    This is a game that nobody necessarily wants to see but that everybody wants to watch.

    The idea of a rematch might not be overly appealing, but it's sure to be great football. 


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    If these two teams don't play again and LSU loses in the title game, nobody will know who the best team in college football is. 

    The team that beats LSU will be crowned champion, but will anybody believe they are better than Alabama, no questions asked?

    These two heavyweights need to play again so that they can settle things once and for all.