BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Warner's MVP Chances Blow Up! (Humor)

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 22, 2008

Boston MA- At around 4:00 PM the Foxborough, Massachusetts police were called on an urgent message from Kurt Warner. Let's show you the tape.

"911, what is the emergency?"

"Help...Help! It was so awful," Kurt Warner cried in a barely noticeable voice.

"What has happened sir?"

" MVP chances!" Kurt was now crying and freaking out.

"No! Don't worry sir, we will come right away!"

Officials are telling us here at the journalist spot that it continuously exploded from 1 P.M to 4 P.M. They are telling us he threw the ball 4-18 and only got three first downs. Reportedly, a man named 'Leinart' came in and played better than him!

At around 4:10, when analysts started speaking of it, Kurt Warner's MVP organ apparently blew up.

Well, not that his team isn't that good, that we all see his poor competition, the world was able to make Kurt Warner's MVP run blow up.