A Look At Luisito Espinosa

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2008

Luisito "Lindol" Espinosa made the Philippines known during his time. It was in 1989 that he won the WBA Bantamweight title with a spectacular first round knock out of Khaokor Galaxy. He was the most famous Filipino world champion that time and he made the country proud.

Louie successfully defended his title twice before losing it to Israel Contreras by knock out. He then moved up and beat Mexican Manuel Medina for the WBC Featherweight title. This time, Louie rose to fame and a lot of people were riding on his success.

He defended the WBC Featherweight title seven times before losing it to another Mexican, Cesar Soto. After that loss, he tried to win back the title and lost to Guty Espadas Jr. and his fame crashed down with it.

The people who rode Espinosa's back during his success were nowhere to be found and they left the former champion with nothing. His purse was left unpaid and Espinosa tried to make a living by continuing to box. After he lost to Cristobal Cruz, Louie eventually retired.

His career gone, his money lost and his family abandoned him. Espinosa was left in the US trying to make ends meet. He worked at a supermarket and begged the people who owe him money to pay him.

His cry fell on deaf ears.

Now, according to some reports, Espinosa is currently trying to make a living as a trainer for Nick and Nate Diaz in the MMA. He is their coach to improve their stand up game.

This is an example of a sad ending in the career of a former champion. Once you lose your glitter, you tend to be forgotten.

I am a fan of Luisito Espinosa. He is a good man and he made his country proud during his reign as champion. That is why this sport is very dangerous. Not only do you risk your health, you risk everything. You have to make sure that you stay with people you really trust because boxing is political in nature.

I just hope that Espinosa, for all he has done, will be recognized for his past efforts and get the money he is due.