NBA Predictions 2011: Miami Heat Fan's Holiday Wish List

Adam DavisCorrespondent INovember 27, 2011

NBA Predictions 2011: Miami Heat Fan's Holiday Wish List

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    It was tough last year when Miami lost in six games to Dallas.

    This season the fans should be given another shot at a championship.

    With a few tweaks, Miami should be able to make it back to the finals considering the core of players who haven't changed. 

    They deserve another shot, and so do the fans. Make it happen, please. 

LeBron Wins the Scoring Title

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    Whether you agree or not, LeBron is widely considered the best scorer on the Heat. He may not be the best player or leader, but he certainly can score with an ease that opponents simply cannot defend. 

    If he were to amp up his game and take over the scoring title from back-to-back winner Kevin Durant, LeBron would show himself, his team, his city and his haters that he showed up to play this season. 

    King James needs it almost as much as the team could benefit from him dropping 30-plus points a night. 

Out With the Old in With the New at Point Guard

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    Chalmers is the next generation of point guard on this team, and a very capable one at that.

    Mike Bibby didn't quite cut it as the ring leader for Miami last season, and Chalmers has the talent to impact the team right away. He's quick, he can shoot and he is well aware of his non-veteran status that will allow him to defer to the Big Three when necessary, but he is also able to score when needed.

    Miami should officially hand the reins to Super Mario and let him help lead this team into the future. 

Bosh Finds His Mojo

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    Bosh can be an electrifying player who makes big plays when called upon. He's great from the line and is a decent rebounder, but took a step back in his debut on the Heat.

    There is no doubt that Bosh is the "three" in the Big Three, but that doesn't mean he can't drop 20 and 10 every game, coupled with some blocks and muscle-flexed-filled dunks. 

    Bosh can be a spark plug in this offense; he just needs to find his place. 

Miller Gets Amnestied out of Town

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    Miller is costing the Heat $5.4 million this year, and that number keeps going up as long as he stays in South Beach. 

    I think I'd pay many other players that kind of salary, but certainly not Miller. The shooter just isn't earning his keep and once the new CBA deal allows the Heat to drop him, Miller should be packing his bags. 

A Strong Center Is Signed

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    This holiday season, the Heat will go shopping for a solid center, and Samuel Dalembert is at the top of their list.

    The Kings' center would be a perfect fit in Miami as he is more than capable to man the post as well and score on the other side. 

    He isn't an egotistical player at all, and would help out in many ways that the Heat were lacking in last season. 

    Dalembert can defend, rebound, score and is selfless. Sign him up!

Solid Role Players Are Signed

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    While Battier is not the only free agent available, he is definitely one who could help the Heat immensely.

    The Heat must retool their roster to fill it with players who aren't moving to Florida for the retirement community. 

    Battier and other solid role players like him are exactly what the Heat need to round out a championship roster and hopefully they will sign one or two. 

    A player like Battier could certainly help this team reverse the outcome of last season. 

Wade Leads the Team to a Solid Playoff Run

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    Wade was the guy who brought this team a championship in 2006, and he will be the one to lead them next time they win. 

    He is undoubtedly the leader of this team, and should be the one to step up and take them back to the NBA finals. 

    In a 66 game season, Wade could throw his body around and do anything he can to pull out wins so there is no reason that he cannot help bring the Heat back to the finals.